Reality TV star, Pere

Former Big Brother Naija star and actor, Pere Egbi, is of the opinion that marriage is a scam.

He stated this in a post shared via his Twitter handle on Thursday, December 9.

“Marriage is a scam!” he tweeted.

However, many disagreed with him and asserted that marriage is not a scam as there are many couples in happy marriages.

Reality TV star, Pere

Reacting to such comments, Pere maintained that marriage is a scam though it’s possible to find a partner that you are compatible with.

“The same ones shouting “it’s not” are the same ones who believe there’s a “right person” for you! No there isn’t. There are “compatible” persons for everyone tho. It’s still a scam. Why marry only to end up in divorce and be single all over again?

In Heaven you won’t have a wife or husband for the rest of eternity! Love isn’t a scam tho,” he wrote.

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