Nigerian lawyer

A Nigerian lawyer has taken to Twitter to question why young people are in a haste to move out of their parents’ house to live alone.

According to the legal practitioner with Twitter handle @Egi_nupe_, except for marriage or proximity to work, he doesn’t understand why people are eager to leave their parent’s home to start living alone.

He said people who say they want to live alone to avoid overfamiliarity with their parents and siblings are not being logical.

 Nigerian lawyer

He further stated that majority of those planning to move out want to do so because they want to live an irresponsible and wayward lifestyle without their parent’s knowledge.

Read his full post below,

“If it’s not marriage or work related cos of distance, I don’t understand what’s pursuing people to be in a hurry to leave their parents house to live alone. Some say cos of privacy and to avoid see finish. I wonder what kind of privacy you need from your parents or family.

If you aren’t planning to live an irresponsible or wayward life. In some cases, that’s what it’s for many people. They hate to be held responsible for their actions, which is easier when they live alone or away from their parents. Living alone can also be depressing & burdensome.

Talking about see finish, what kind of parents do you have to make you insecure about them seeing you finish? See finish is a form of disrespect from someone who knows a lot about you to take advantage of what they know against you. Adulthood gives a feel that we can live an independent life without our parents. Little did we know that the impact our parents have in our lives is eternal. Even if they are no more, I struggle to understand how one can live completely independent of their parents.”

Perhaps, I am speaking from a limited reality


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