Popular Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has revealed that he was not ordained as a pastor.

The thespian, who made clarifications on being referred to as a “man of God” by many in a recent interview, said he did not attend any pastoral school, rather, the media named him a pastor.

According to Majid Michel, the media began referring to him as a pastor after he started giving talks at different gatherings, churches, and conferences, sharing the knowledge he discovered about Christianity by himself.

“As I got older and learned the Bible for myself, I made the decision to teach it. In an effort to spread what I had learned, the media observed me speaking about these topics at various churches, conferences, and gatherings. It was the media that reported that I was a pastor despite never having attended a Bible school. I’ve never been anointed as a pastor.

“I chose to teach it once I grew up and discovered it for myself. In an effort to spread what I had learned, I spoke about these topics at a number of churches, conferences, and gatherings. The media reported that I was a pastor even though I had never attended a Bible school. I have never had a pastorate.

“It would be dishonest of me to minimize the gift of prophecy that God has given me. I have faith in the one true God, creator of heaven and earth. I have no doubt in my mind that Yesua was sent by God to save his people.” He said.

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