Nigerian model, Adeola Ariyo, who was called out for snatching her friend’s boyfriend and baby daddy, has broken her silence.

Recall that Adeola was accused by her friend, Munirah, of snatching her man after she introduced them to each other.

Munirah, in a series of Instagram posts detailing the betrayal by her friend Adeola and her lover, claimed Adeola was very close to her family and frequently went out with her and her boyfriend, but unbeknownst to her, Adeola was interested in him and wanted him for herself.

Adeola, in a message she sent to Munirah, however, maintained that Munirah was never her friend but a fan who was trying to get close to her.

Finally breaking her silence following the allegations, Adeola took to her Instagram page to show off the man she was accused of snathing.

She shared a loved-up video of them and declared that she’s in her “happy girl” era.

“In my happy girl era 🥰”, she wrote.

See her post below,

Watch video below,

In other news, a young Nigerian girl working as a church videographer recently received a surprise marriage proposal from her boyfriend.

She was recording the pastor as he gave a sermon from the pulpit when the guy discreetly approached her from behind and knelt down.

The lady quickly stopped what she was doing when she turned sideways and spotted her lover, and the church service was also suspended.

She turned to leave the scene but another lady swiftly dragged her back and congratulated her.

The lady immediately collapsed to the floor, basking in the euphoria of her man’s proposal of marriage.

The assembly erupted in loud cheers and happiness upon the arrival of the latest engaged couple.

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