Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Meet 22-Year-Old Yetunde Barnabas, The Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja


The city of Abuja converged for‎ the 16th edition of Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja Pageant which held over the weekend with about 20 contestants on stage to battle for the coveted title.


The event which attracted several high profile personalities, showbiz entrepreneurs, pageant practitioners and beauty queens had so much side attractions of comedy, dances, award presentations and special performance from Dolce Entertainment LTD signed cripple artist who held the event with his arresting steps on stage.

22 years old Miss Yetunde Barnabas after a competitive performance of traditional presentations, catwalk and I.Q questions was crowned Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja in a colourful and glamorous atmosphere. The light skinned model turned beauty queen is expected to embark on several projects benefiting FCT residents like her predecessors.

The hall packaged MBGA Finals held at Transcorp hilton honoured some distinguished personalities amongst which are ‎‎RT Hon. Friday Ossanebi, Deputy Speaker Delta State House of Assembly as‎ Legend Youth Ambassador of the year, ‎Mrs Yinka Bala – Award of Excellence, Prince Eyo – Award of Excellence‎ and others.

Speaking to the cross section of journalists at the end of the show, the project director Hon. Ejiro Okphiwo said he was impressed at the quality of the edition, he congratulated the awardees and also promised to ensure the winners execute their projects deligently while upholding the integrity of the brand.













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Comments 438

  1. Like dx,nai she tk fyn…. I hear

  2. Congrats

  3. C those her twins outside

  4. Another cucumber in making. Kk we hear

  5. She’s not the most beautiful girl in Abuja una no check well

  6. what will happen next is her sex tape right? I can see since from this photograph she exposed her boobs

  7. Hope she would play by the rule ooo

    Cus we don’t wanna see another sex-tape oooo, mayb this time they will use cassava

  8. Is dat why she’s exposing herself

  9. Nitta Avery says:

    Hope say cassava no dey involve.. just passing by wink…

  10. I remember when devil wasnt a member of this paegent planning commitee..everything was qoinq fine,yhu barely pay a devlish price to win..your beauty speaks for you. (the days of Agbani Dareygo)..
    Well congrats miss abuja i hope theres no ugly story behind your succes…play safe

  11. She is not the most beautiful girl in abuja,she is the one that met their demands

  12. Congratulations girl

  13. they should search again

  14. you called a girl that is not as beautiful as my wife’s evening shadow beautiful? what will you say if you see my wife physically, angelo ?

    • Abeg,keep quiet!!Who you be?Who be your wife?Who both of una help?Hug transformer biko!

    • My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world,take it or leave,but she is not a sex toy that are being place in show glass for display

    • @Olujobi Esther Ayooluwa u don’t do that……….wat goes around comes back around.
      Just passing oh

    • Esther, e no concern u nw.. If i be u, i for pray make my hubby praise me like this one day..

    • Jealousy….. Khalid Haruna plz praise ur wife for all I u care, she is indeed ur queen…. Make pple wey no like am hug wet transformer…… Rubbish…. Ugly fool

    • Gift Asawa, u started Nice, now u were like, “I cant take this anymore”.. hahahaha

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    • I think she is bitter.. Like a sadist..

    • Yeah i know ur wife she’s really an angel
      No mind ds people oo if ds miss abuja see my wife she go hide her face under carton

    • Yeah i know ur wife she’s really an angel
      No mind ds people oo if ds miss abuja see my wife she go hide her face inside carton

    • do you know why i said my wife is the beautiful wife, though she not a slave, she cleans my house, make our bed,bath my children,cook my food, wash and dry our the cooking utensil,wash our clothes, clean our toilet, take the children to &fro school,help them with the assigement,she is a tailor, pay my children school fees sometimes,she followr me to the gate when i am going to work and tell me,if you don’t get anything legimate dont bring anything illegimate and god bless and have a happy working hour,when at work, she called three to four times a day to tell me she cares,what do you want me say for godsake than to call her the most beautiful woman , she makes me not to see other women but her, may god bless her for helping me always, i am the luckiest man in the world to have a woman like her

    • OK oh…. Tell d monster, who does not have a man to praise her…. Lol…. She is just jealous, with her ugly face

    • Khalid Haruna so sweet of u, but sometimes help her with the house chores ehnn so she don’t get old on time…#peace

    • Lol…. True talk @Flora OnoKs Ify

    • for me, she will never get old, she is just like wine,they say the older the sweeter, i do help her sometimes, but she always tell me don’t be late for work,you might get fired,by the time i get home,all the job is done,

    • I pray to have a good wife too..

    • Joy Dyako says:

      Omg these Esther don suffer with insult. Honestly girl u are really ugly shuuuuu. Make I no lie @esther

    • Anietie Ekpo says:

      Khalid that is the most discret and true description of the most beautiful woman for a man not this most beautiful woman for another woman and cucumber. just passing

    • Wow wow wow……khalid Haruna don’t make me feel jealous of your wife o,God please bless me with this kind of woman so that we will leave long together.

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    • Paul Iderah says:

      This girl Don suffer…pele

    • Olujobi EstherAyooluwa, I thought you should be remorseful of the your lame and immature statement you made previously.. Am surprised you are back with worst attitude.. I would start apologising if I were you..

    • Ummi Aysha says:

      Mennnnnnnh that was too much for esther dammmmnnnnn

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    • Amen ohhhhhh

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    • Abeg make una pity Esther may be is a slip of d tongue lolz

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    • Virgo Pearl says:

      Lolssssss,just passing by

  15. Bleeding another miss cucumber

  16. Femi Bose says:

    Be ye cucumber free IJN

  17. HahahahahaHha

  18. You people don carry come again

  19. Solace John says:

    does this change d cost of rice per bag?

  20. Young girl your breasts are all out in the open

  21. Akeju Gbenga says:

    Hopefully you wont be another Chidinma. Congrats.

  22. I hope she is not addicted to cucumber?

  23. Frank Thomas says:

    U sure say u no do cucumber video so?

  24. if I hear

  25. You for kuku remove the whole cloth..

  26. Nah b only fyn

  27. Its not about your beautiful face, your long legs, your long hair.. The question is, can you turn eba??

  28. I hope she doesn’t like cucumber or uses cucumber to grind pepper.

  29. Harry Moss says:

    This time na plantain them go use

  30. Wen last ve we heard of d most brilliant boy or girl or behave person in dis country, except d one dat promote sum stupid act

  31. Maybe d next time na leak tape wif plantain dis time.

  32. Another cucumber just surfaced

  33. De Joe Int'l says:

    The most naked girl in Abuja, that’s what she just won.

  34. Ineh Umaru says:

    Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake everything! So this should be Miss Beautiful Fakest…

    • Ineh Umaru says:

      What flabbergasts me more is the fact that some Africans/Blacks still want to look and be like Caucasians. And some Caucasians want to use lip enhancement injections to have pouty lips like Blacks. Shouldn’t we be grateful the way we were made? For example the afro textured hair is for protection against the intense Ultra Violet radiation of the sun in Africa yet our ladies put chemicals on them; the result is chopped or cropped hair, skin disease amongst others. African/Black ladies are beautiful the way they are!

    • Hahahaha lolx

    • U right dear

    • Emmy Chyno says:

      If she give u kpomo chop and u refuse, then I go sabi sey you serious.

    • hahahahaaah @Emmy abeg which one be kpomo?

    • From hair to toes is artificial

  35. With necked

  36. MO T EG says:

    I hope anoda cucumber story will not surface

  37. Amen Magaji says:

    Una Neva see beautiful girls……

  38. any time I see all this beauty pageants i remember CUCUMBER.

  39. i hope anoda fruit will not be molested?

  40. Elvis Egbule says:

    Please allow cucumber to be oh

  41. If the best graduating students get this type of publicity and hyping and gifts
    We will have less half baked graduates ……… Nigeria oshe

  42. Every tine is fake

  43. And de winner is de Lady that accepted de terms and conditions of de coordinator, we are patiently waiting for de nxt video. It should be titled “THE END OF CUCUMBER”

  44. Mariah Ogiji says:

    Beautiful girl indeed,2morrw make we no hear any story.

  45. Congrats, but put on a decent behaviour, just my piece of advice.

  46. Congrat please don’t do what other’s are doing be a lady of trust worthy

  47. Kenneth Ken says:

    Reading comments and laughing

  48. Another olosho award

  49. Cucumber …….international….. Club

  50. Ioi op she wut be lyk chidinma okeke

  51. Too Obi says:

    Winning miss Abuja is not the problem its wht comes after because cucumber is involve lolzz

  52. Let’s wait to see what she used in her own sex tape maybe a paw paw

  53. Joy Utubor says:

    Congrats dear

  54. Most beautiful half naked. It’s meaningless. As a model, what values are you passing on to the younger generation? You’re beautiful but without brains… I don’t regard being almost naked as beautiful… Where are our values of modesty?

  55. to be honest my gf is more beautiful dan her

  56. GC Arinze says:

    With the way things are going now with beauty queen in Nigeria who knows what n what she has done to get there am not a hater but just saying after chidinma story cheers…….

  57. Another cucumber has arrived

  58. Expecting another banana(not cucumber) video

  59. Hmm, sometimes I wonder if the miss beauty will take them to heaven. Who knows if there was a girl more beautiful than her in Abuja.

  60. Madness abeg na cloth b dis or rag?pls nija people ar also waitin 4 ur onw video…..make use of watermellon.

  61. Samuel Orlun says:

    My sister how many judges have you slept with or how much have you paid to win?

  62. Wow congratulations

  63. Hmmm hope you will not join Cucumber nation

  64. Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake everything! Miss cucumber people

  65. Hope u will not end with cucumber

  66. Stay away from cucumber

  67. Ben Chima says:

    Another cucumber thing loading.

  68. Don’t do cucumber ooo lol

  69. With cucumber or banana?

  70. Let’s not hear a different story of cucumber aftermath…… I know she underwent all the sex huddles just like Miss Anambra…. Just passing…..

  71. Sanmi Kayode says:

    Miss abuja ur breast is huzide…can u turn semo…..idiot

  72. Tunde Falope says:

    hope say u no use cucumber do am

  73. I dont blive shes d mostbaitifu gal

  74. Hmmmmm i can smell cassava loading in a video

  75. Why did she wear clothes ?she gets parents o and they saw her like this it is very unfortunate that Satan has taken over including the affairs of the country led by apc

  76. Paul Nnaji says:

    Yes congrats baby.u played ur game wella.Let me tel u,u cn neva witness any blackmail or downfall as long as remain loyal to d MEN behind ur win.By paying ur dues always ok.cos not goes for notin.we lv u.

  77. Ceeza milli yetunde…right

  78. Hope dis not anoda episode of d cucumber story. Behind every fame like dis is a can of worms. Pray tins don’t get messy.

  79. Anwana Uye says:

    Lol… Nigerians.. Una too wicked.. Always making fun of everything thing.. Congrats too her tho.

  80. Kenny Ogodo says:

    Wish u the best,hope say no be cucumber go end ur story ooo,u beter start praying that every spirit of cucumber in my life I rebuke you in Jesus name AMEN……

  81. Hope they haven’t eat another cucumber

  82. Joy Dyako says:

    Hmmm the making of cucumber, carrot, cassava, unripe plantain etc.NA so e d take start oo. Waiting for the story season 4 (cucumber)

  83. The officials don f**k her taya, boooooo!!!

  84. Say who? d beautiful ones dnt expose their body

  85. welcome to the world of cucumber legal practitioners

  86. Make politicains and evil sucking demons no use both u and ur destiny ooooh.l pray for God grace and wisdom in ur career

  87. 22 and your bobby dy fall ooo. #ForExample

  88. Runaway from cucumber oooo

  89. Onyi Agu says:


  90. James Joel says:

    Title for the next headlines is CUCUMBER RELOADED ”

  91. Nana Eremie says:

    Ona dey talk oooo kia…..I just dey pass…

  92. Miss cucumber again

  93. Pageant doesn’t seem appealing anymore…congrats anyway eish

  94. Mee I can’t fit marry a celeb bcos u Neva knw wat dey undergo to become 1

  95. So this show of breast make her the most beautiful girl. Good for abuja settings

  96. Hope it will not be CUCUMBER PLUS.

  97. Ubby Simeon says:

    Another cucumber recipient

  98. Beware of Cucumber my dear

  99. This cucumber show. Coming soon part 2

  100. Congrats
    Let’s hope is not from cucumber to Mortar

  101. Water melon on the way….Ndi ara! Miss Abuja my ass. Mtchwww… I dey look for where I go buy rice for 9,000 and you guys are here displaying end time girls

  102. Pls no sex’ lesbianism wit dis cumbersome pageant winner dis time around in a video tape b it blackmailing tape. Thks to u all..!

  103. ‘Cucumber continued’ is loading.

  104. Congrats girl, but abide by the rules they gave u,to avoid they forced me to do it, or they blackmail me,because I know u gv undergone a lot b4 they crowned u the Queen, just saying.

  105. If I hear

  106. Being Beautiful is when u are

  107. Where are all the pretty ladies

  108. Another rat for the pussy cat.

  109. So if u can open ur breast very well u win ehn?

  110. Okay, I dey wait ur own cucumber video….just make it more interesting than chidinma’s own o

  111. Victor Musa says:

    jajajaajajajaaj….spanish laugh.

  112. Must she bare her breast

  113. She is beautiful enough

  114. Hmmm hope this is not the Return of Cucumber o

  115. Next will be video linkages

  116. Hope she will agree with terms and condition,cos if u go astray na yam dey go use for ur own video not cucumber

  117. Yes oh Dats y she has to show us breast

  118. Nw ppl will start digging out ha past jes to spoil ha name… Jealousy is a vry bad thing

  119. The rise of cucumber 2

  120. Congratulations

  121. Hope say u never chop any cucumber too….. Ooo

  122. ROAD TO HELL. Foolish carrier.

  123. Na em mk her open breast… Mtcheeww

  124. Oh… Dis innocent veg.. It haf suffered.. @cucumber

  125. Emeka Jonah says:

    Story story. Wat da fuck. Y would she be rated the most beautiful lady in the whole of Abuja city. Is she more prettier and beautiful than my loving mom. Damn after using all the makeups to make her face shiny den she is still rated the most beautiful wen there is a pretty angel naturally blessed with beauty beyond imaginations and comparison like my Mrs Arlin Jonah. Fuck I disagree with dis post

  126. Hope this one won’t turn out to be another cucumber fan o!!!!

  127. Being a winner doesn’t mean they all went through same process of cucumber and all the rest. I think we still have some real winners that are scandal free. I celebrate with u young lady….keep soaring