A female final year student of the Ebonyi State University have got people praising her after she shared photos of herself processing cassava from start to finish.

People have been praising her online and some even asking if she is married so they can apply.

See more photos below:















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  1. and so…I use to do it too ..Wen my grand mum was still alive and we travel to the village and I know I can still do it ..so why is your own case different..besides I just finished clearing the grass in front of my house and I have sore in my hand lol???

  2. My dad is a farmer. He do plants corn, groundnut, cassava, and cocoa. And whenever we don’t have garri if we ask him for money he ask us to go and make garri from his farm and only me will go and uproot them and the second day I will pill it from there I grand it later wen it gets dry I will fry it but he do help me sometimes to fetch firewood in the farm, so most ladies can do it forget the way they Pampa their selves. Am still proud of myself that I can do farm work

    • Kyrian I Make Garri Very Well And I Love Doing It, It Is Not A Big Deal, I Didn’t Mean To Say It Is Not A Gud Thing She’s Making Garri, Especialy Now Dat The Economy Is Like This, I Meant To Say They Should Give Us The Gist We Want To Hear Or Read As It Stand Almost Evryone Is Doing The Garri Thing By Themselve Now

  3. Give the girl kudos please, and stop your running stomach whether you “did it before” or not. We are talking about survival in these hard times. She seem “proud” about it and not just “an opportunist” like some of us. She claims its because of the cost of garri, not because she travelled to the village. Go girl!

  4. This girl just post am jejely for fb o! I saw it yesterday even went through her profile bicos of the post… And I notice something about her. She is hardworking… Now, yaba left abi weytin dem dey call Una don carry put making the innocent babe topic 4 discussion ehn?

  5. She never said people can not do it,its just for the cost of garri that made herm remember farm.when garri don cost so how many pepo don enter farm?abeg let learn to appreciate people n their effort kudos to you girl.when some of her mate have not finish hanging bag its farm they will go

  6. U people were just making mouth dat u use to do it so y can’t post it on line so dat people can see it but u can never do it cos u are all pretender ladies as for me o I love her cos she’s real nd not fake like u pretenders

  7. Some girls are just bitter, check those hateful comments they are coming from ugly girls without functioning brains. oge you are beautiful and a hardworking sweet heart. I wish I can do half of this, I will be super proud of myself, but unfortunately I can’t. Keep being you honey.

  8. That’s my colleague Farmer by nature! Cassava farming is so Profitable anytime,anyday and Anywhere! ❤️ not even my passion for Movie making we make me stop farming because I go eat na lolWeldon girl keep it up.

  9. And some girls will b smwhere posting pictures of dere fake life style. Some b lyk #God bless d man behind my smile. No b dere papa o. D guy na hustler,mk una sef hustle. Na dere una go dey,wey u go tench finish. Ladies work,dnt wait 4 any man b4 u buy 1 pant and bra. I dnt mean 2 b rude.

  10. It is normal thing for Enugu people, there is no big deal about processing Gari, I schooled in Enugu, I see them process it so pls don’t make it look like there is any thing special about it

  11. The babe didn’t ask to trend online about what she did, seriously give her a break please…she is just being herself nd nothing more. You have your own Facebook wall, post whatever you like nd let the young girl be. That’s the reason some people can’t progress in life. Be happy for others nd same will come to you. #WORD

  12. Yaba Left watch out for the pinshure of me pounding fufu. I cannot come and go and buy expensive fufu in this economy.

    The babe try sha, who forming epp? Oge please I fit borrow five cups of garri from you when I fry my own I go give you back.

    Ermm Lilies Otobong way that my pinshure way you snap me when I go fetch firewood?

  13. For me it’s not especial because I did the same long ago while in school,my own sisters did same and are still doing so.Ebonyians are hard working people,have you forgotten Abakaliki rice? which is now Ebonyi Rice,it’s among the best of which if government stop playing politics with, has the capacity to feed Nigeria and beyond.Please if the government is clueless and helpless about the Economy let’s help and go back to what we have been known for in order to end the recession,the answers are with us.

  14. I do dat too and I bet u the whole prices isn’t easy at all. Very exhausting. Kudoos girl!!! Real women don’t slack! I know wat it entails and am proud dat pple like us stil exist. Proud of u girl.

  15. So everybody should go and start making gari? Ori e ti daru! Very soon you’ll go and farm Peper, tomatoes, yam, rice, beans even Maggi, oil and gas. Ode. Boya those selling the gari shouldn’t eat! Ahun oshi! (stingy)

  16. All of una wey dey criticize her… I sabi process garri,, ordinary she did meant to cause any harm to those complaining bitterly… Wait until you hear that she is exporting garri,, maybe then you will crucify her.. Better go fin handwork if u no sabi wetin to comment.. Keep it up jare

  17. Omor!!!!this babe done become a celebrity over night because of garri….over 3k likes and still counting… People should find a way to be recognized in Nigeria rather than criticizing the girl

  18. if this story is true, that means that the girl is genius! I wish other girls can think like this.. they are out there forming and living the life style Of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj while their parents are. living in one room, soaking garri and sleeping on mat.. may God help us in this country with the kind of fake lives our girls are living… kudos to you.. keep it on…

  19. Where is 13 cups of garri 400niara for this nigeria? Hmmmmmm dat means tins are still better naaa her main post this morning was 4cups of garri 400niara not 13 cups…….things are extremely too costly in nigeria market evn rice so everybody should go back to the farm and forget about foreign rice. A good example here frm Adabekee

  20. Some ladies feel their virgina, buttocks, breast is their office, so they lace their office with what men don’t pay emphasis on eg, I Chinese hair, Jezebel finger nails, eye lashes, and latest iPhone 7. They mistake relationship /marriage as job opportunity, always demanding too much money even though the country is experiencing Recession. They only thing they can offer in their miserable life is monkey style and dog style. No good brains, but check out their accounts, although they are prone to purchasing fake items. I oblige guys to go for hard working ladies, those ladies that think with their brains and not with their virgina. If my post offense you, drop your comments.

  21. some many are asking what is the big deal,it is a big deal because so many girls find it difficult and disgusting to do..i remember when i went to unical with approximately half bag of garri,my room mate was like o boy dis ur garri,too much u get money o o,,i told him i harvested the garri,peel and process it,he was like,,can this be done u tried

  22. You sow first. Then wait a while before you reap. You need a price of land. 13 cups of garri in Imo State cost more than N400.00. But nothing beats eating from your harvests. Yes people should learn how to rely on their own production sometimes.

  23. Datz my gal go flunt it gal…there is time for planting n harvesting ..u are indeed doing wat most city gals or women can’t but I have bin in d same buisenss n its really fun…its called sowing n reaping…..

  24. It is a nice thing to do kudos girl but am very sure she did it becos they have cassava farm what about those that don’t have cassava farm will they stop buying garri? YabaLeft make una try and be YabaRight.

  25. There is nothing special about that. I have done that not ones not twice wen things were not as worst as it is now, I processed my own garri I took to sch until I graduated in 2014,not bcox I couldn’t afford it but bcox I was cutting cost and preferred smoking my own carefully made and processed garri. I processed not only garri but I made akpo (fufu) I took to sch since it can state fr days b4 perishing. if ppl have bn forced to farm not bcox they want to but bcox they don’t have a choice bcox of buharization they shouldn’t b applauded. One thing I like about this Buhari administration is that it has made a lot b hardworking, and those who depended in d market learn to go back to d farm.
    Even girls who depended solely on me for their income have learnt it d hard way to b productive.
    I have seen girls and guys who did more to see themselves tru sch and u don’t c them making it a big deal, cox its what we r supposed to do.
    Its not about making it a public affair if u have to weed ur own compound u come to fb to publicise it.
    Even Obama’s daughter had to work in a restaurant during her summer break.
    No one cares how u made it, ppl only k if u have made it. Let’s stop glorifying every little activity done.
    Tnk God for Buhari cox to some extent has taught us how to b productive and hardworking, Nigerians depended more on already made goods.

  26. Ebonyians, men, women, boys and girls are naturally hard working and great farmers. Thats the pride of Ebonyi State. Or have you forgotten the Abakaliki rice and the Uburu salt, all processed with local technology. The Uburu Salt Lake industry is as well a great tourist destination for investors and tourists.

  27. What of ladies that did that all their life and even saw themselves through school doing worse chores and even did it for their siblings yet they don’t advertise it on Facebook and any other social media platform

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