Tech Illiteracy in Africa has grown to be one of the more pressing issues that no one is talking about.

Educating Africans on how to use disruptive technologies to create sustainable solutions that will combat most of Africa’s belligerent problems is something that has not been given the much-needed attention it deserves, at least not from the government.

Hence these tasks have been left at the hands of the private sector, i.e. individuals who are passionate about seeing Africa at the forefront of the tech revolution that is taking over the world – men like Favor Ori, founder of

Favor Ori is the man behind the next big thing in Africa. He founded the US based NGO

A company and team of dedicated experts who are passionate about helping the average African youth and the continent at large through training and mentorship programs in software development and programming.

The mission to see the next phase of tech leaders and influencers evolve from Africa has led Mr. Ori to make huge sacrifices including a job offer with an enviable pay ($10k monthly) which he passed up on in favor of actualizing his dream of revolutionizing Africa.

Ori since then been focused on creating programs and platforms for building his African tech army to take over the world. Wakanda forever!!!

His first initiative – #CodeWithFavour 2018, is a platform for aspiring developers and programmers to learn and become experts at various web and mobile technologies.

The first installment of the program has already kicked off with not more than 40 learners on board who are already getting familiar with collaboration tools like Slack, and GitHub for version control and are already being mentored on choosing the right career path for them.

The program is absolutely free, with provision for unlimited internet access and free software licenses for the students.

Students are offered a wide array of career paths to choose from including front and back end web development, mobile development for Android and iOS, Data science, Python, UI/UX, and a whole lot more.

The learning process is facilitated by a team of mentors who are software experts in various fields and years of professional experience working with companies like Facebook, Google, IBM, Twitter, snap chat and more to their pedigree.

These tech gurus – mentors – will serve to teach, guide and nurture the next generation of tech gurus on their chosen paths.

Recently, entered into a vital partnership with Northern Nigeria tech giant – Startup Arewa to train 5000 passionate individuals to become expert technologists and software developers.

Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Jega, serial Techpreneur, CEO of Emerge Tech Africa, Business Development Manager Africa at Vogue Pay, and founder of Startup Arewa, has also moved on to become the Director of Partnerships, Africa for Partnerships that work!

Learning on the platform is self-paced, no pressure at all. And you have the option of learning at physical hubs provided by Startup Arewa, or right from the comfort of your home.

All students of can be rest assured of gainful employment in both local and international companies.

According to Favor, “All learners on our platform will move from the classroom into offices all over the world without stress”

In a dramatic turn of events, Favor Ori recently became Co-founder at Agribooth – a platform that seeks to make Agriculture less of a hassle for farmers by providing information, equipment and agricultural related products to farmers and agricultural enthusiasts at affordable prices.

He was given a warm welcome by the founder and CEO of Agribooth, Raymond Chen, and the entire executive board.

Expressing his excitement for the newly formed partnership, Mr. Raymond said,

“Ideas and brilliance are not decided by age and I am pleased to not only be a part of FavCode54 but also to welcome Favor Ori to Agribooth. The future is just getting started.

“Watch out for Agribooth and FavCode54. We are bringing change to the world.”

At his current pace, Favor Ori is well on his way to becoming a prominent voice in the tech ecosystem and will soon take his seat on the front-row of tech innovation and disruption along side big guns like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and all the Silicon Valley giants of our time.

It’s a Revolution!!

Tech take over Africa!!!

You can apply for #CodeWithFavor here

Visit the official favcode54 page for more info

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