Lady claims

A Nigerian lady residing abroad, Uzo Njoku, has claimed that her relationship began to pack up after she bought her boyfriend a Macbook.

Taking to Twitter to recount her experience, Uzo said after she bought her man the expensive gift, he became visibly upset and said he already planned to save up money to buy it next year, to which she offered to return it and get a refund but he refused and said he will keep the laptop.

After the Macbook episode, their relationship took a downward slope and he began monitoring her spending and rejected any offer she made to buy him a gift.

Lady claims

All hell broke loose when she said they should go on vacation in Cancun but he refused and said they should vacation in North Carolina instead, possibly due to his financial status.

Uzo said she did not want to vacation in North Carolina because there is nothing fascinating there, and went on to pay for their trip to Cancun. This did not sit well with her boyfriend and they eventually broke up.

Read her full post below,

“I bought this man a MacBook and that was what sparked the downfall of our relationship.

Men are so competitive and prideful OMG. Lesson learned to not buy them expensive gifts unless it’s my husband.

Happily single. Tired of hearing I’m too ambitious.

He was visibly upset about the gift saying he was going to buy it next year after saving. I offered to return it, he said nah, Money was tight for him but he wouldn’t let me buy anything moving forward until were equal in terms of spending. No dates. Just staring at the wall.

Then he began to police my spending. Telling me to return my Gucci glasses, I can buy Amazon glasses. I wanted to go to Cancun and he kept downing it saying let’s vacation at North Carolina. I’m sorry wtf is there. I paid for our trip to Cancun and hell broke loose.

There are plenty of great women out to say he fumbled. Economics does play a huge factor in relationships and I hope he finds someone more up to his speed.

I’ve learned to not buy a man something he can’t afford.”


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