A viral video has captured the moment a Nigerian lady went wild with excitement after her boyfriend proposed to her.

A young man decided to propose marriage to his girlfriend, and her reaction to the surprise proposal has stirred reactions on social media.

In the trending clip, the lady was in what appeared to be a school setting when her boyfriend got down on one knee in the presence of her colleagues and popped the question she had probably been yearning to hear.

“Will you marry me?” the young man, who was on his knee stretching forward a box ring to his girlfriend, asked.

The lady who couldn’t contain her excitement went haywire. She first dashed off, then yanked off her wig before running back to her boyfriend and accepting his proposal.

Watch the quite hilarious video below,

In related news, a video serving the rounds online captures the moment a young man proposed to his girlfriend during a church service.
In the clip, the young lady, who is a church worker, was busy with the Lord’s work when her boyfriend got down on both knees to propose marriage to her.

The lady dressed in a white shirt and black skirt was busy praying as she held the offering box. Unbeknownst to her, her man had knelt on both knees, waiting for her to finish praying for her to pop the question.

As she concluded her prayers, her man, who was already kneeling behind with the ring, tapped her. When she saw him in that position, she was moved to tears and continued to thank God, as if her long-standing prayer had been answered.

She finally faced her man, stretching her hands forward as he slid the ring on her finger.

At one point in the video, she almost went into a trance. Her mood suddenly changed, as she held on to her body, swaying dramatically back and forth, until some church officials stepped in to support her. Watch video here.

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