Daughter to one of the leading Yoruba Actress – Mercy Aigbe, Michelle Gentry who made the List of Top Most Fashionable Celebrity Kids stepped out looking all shades of beautiful at her Mother’s Movie Premiere – ‘The Victims‘.


She stepped on the red carpet with her close friend rocking a black sleeveless thigh split dress.

She Gorgeous! (:


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  1. When it gets to a certain point you won’t be able to control her again because she thought she now got all wat it takes to be noticed am not saying you shouldn’t buy her things but let her know what is right she just getting to teenagers I hope she is academically sound.

  2. I believed Mercy started earlier than her that’s why she doesn’t see anything wrong with this, ” Owu Iya gbon l’omo n’ron”.

  3. If at 14,she dresses like, how will she dress at age 25. Pls MOTHERS, let’s be wise. Tomorrow, you go say no be your fault.

  4. What is wrong with what she wearing una just post useless comments wetin corncen una over sabi people if check now una own children don carry belle born 4 house useless people

    • Tommy Ann,let me ask you,as a mother that want a good education for her daughter,would you allow your daughter to dress like this and put it on a post,what higher institution is she,my dear education is very important in a child life especially the way things are going on in our country,then mercy Aigbe calls for the insults for her daughter,if truly she love her,she wouldn’t have expose her on internet,people that become miss nigerians did not expose themselves on net before they go for it

  5. 14 already acting like an adult soon she ll get harassed by men and will start to complain. Her mother should put a sweater over her shoulders. Rubbish

  6. Miss 14yrs where is ur daddy? Did he see u dressed like dis? Madam mercy pls train dis girl well by giving her proper education which am sure ur already doing, now teach how to wear proper clothes so she will grow up with it. She doesn’t need to be half naked for de world to know her parents are rich. Some ladies in ur kind of profession have beautiful daughters we didn’t know about until they became full blown adults. Nothing wrong in showing ur children to de world but pls not like ur doing now.
    Beware pedophiles r watching, perverts r watching they don’t have sence oooooo. Madam mercy u are de famous one not ur child so let her grow, don’t force her to grow. Just my opinion.

  7. Don’t blame her like mother like daughter,yoruba says owu tiya gbon lomo o ran,alasewo,dat is hw mercy herself started her journey,mercy is nt a mother al she knws is fashion.

  8. We can’t blame d gurl in question, if her mother didn’t buy her dat cloth she won’t wear it, so let’s face d reality. Who is to be blame if nt for d mother dat went to market nd bought half naked dress for her. My own opinion is dat she’s too young for dat kind of dressing.

  9. The Bible said catch them when they are young and not spoil them when they are young pls teach this girl the way of God so when she grows she
    won’t depart from it

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