A man has broken up with his girlfriend after nine years of dating, following a prophecy from his pastor.

It was gathered that through the nine years they dated, the lady was very supportive and even took out a loan to sponsor his relocation abroad.

Unfortunately, he ended their relationship after his pastor informed him that she was not the one God had chosen for him.

A Ghanaian man, Nana Afriyie, who shared the story in a Facebook post, said the heartbroken lady is his friend.
He claimed the pastor advised the man to choose another lady from his church.

“Some pastors are not Christians and will never make it to heaven! This lady friend of mine (nurse) dated this guy for 9 solid years. The guy seems to have knacked the hell outta her and constantly demanding money from her.

“Luckily for the guy he got an opportunity to travel abroad to practice Nursing. But before that he’d need some money for connection to travel. This same lady had to break the bank for a loan just to help the guy travel.

“When everything was set, they decided to at least do a formal marriage ceremony before the guy leaves. This guy discussed with his pastor.

And the pastor told him that the lady he’s dating right now, I mean the nurse is not whom God has chosen for him so he should forget about her and get another lady from the church. And as vulnerable and stupid, this guy left the lady after everything they shared for 9years. Now she’s in deep mess.” He narrated.

The revelation, however, stirred mixed reactions from social media users; while some said the man did the right thing by listening to his pastor, others berated and tagged him as unwise. 

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