Nollywood actress and mother of one, Etinosa came under fire on social media after she shared a video of her daughter struggling to suck her grandfather’s breast.

The actress who welcomed her baby in December 2020, had earlier taken to social media to share an adorable video of her daughter, Christabel, trying to suck her grandfather’s breast.

Apparently, the little one thought the breast was her mother’s so she was struggling to put it in her mouth and suckle on it.

However, this didn’t go down well with social media critics who read meaning into the adorable video and dragged the actress for posting such on the internet.

An Instagram critic, mb_nationz wrote, “Nor be everything dem suppose dey post for social media o”.

Another critic, Phil Best wrote, “I can understand been grandad. Why topless carrying a grand child. Baby girl for that matter. To me not funny”.

@janetraymond40 wrote, “This is not funny . U r stressing this baby. Hope the granddad wont get aroused over wat am seeing . I know d evil that has been going on recently btw grandad and grandad dota”.

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