A video capturing a mother speaking in tongues while dedicating her newborn child in church has stirred several reactions from netizens online.

In the video, the new parents were recorded kneeling in front of a white garment pastor as they dedicated their new baby in church. The mother, however, went into a trance, and filled with spirit she began speaking in tongues as she prayed for her child.

The pastor could be seen feeling impatient, waiting to hand over the newborn child to the mother. She instantly composed herself after receiving the child in her arms.

Many expressed shock that the new mother could be calm after receiving the baby as her unstable body movement could make the baby fall.

While some stated the new mother was overreacting while speaking in tongues, others said she composed herself to avoid being hit by her husband.

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@fadererah Ni Kini? This one is exaggerating jare

@Ayomiepat_ She came out of trance immediately they handed over the baby to her . Ti a ba n sunkun a ma n riran sha

@2705Dahjoy You want make dem pursue her comot for her husband house,that jimotaaa rabi wey she dey do get eyes.

@Jaybraj1 The spirit comport as soon as the baby land. Make IGBAJU OLOYI no follow

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