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Viral Video Of An Adorable Baby Girl Rocking A Wig Stirs Mixed Reactions Online (VIDEO)

A video featuring an adorable baby girl donning an expensive-looking wig has sparked debate on social media and stirred mixed reactions.

Shared by the handle @Princess Amelia839 on TikTok, the clip has captured the hearts of netizens, though not without some controversy.

The video shows the baby girl, in a stylish wig that appears to belong to one of her aunts.

In the caption, the lady explains that the wig was merely for fun, with no malicious intent.

“This is what happens when your baby has so many aunties.

The wig was just for fun, nothing serious,” she wrote.


While many viewers found the sight of the baby rocking the grown-up hairstyle to be absolutely adorable, some expressed concerns about the appropriateness of putting a wig on a young child.

A few commenters argued that it could be potentially harmful or uncomfortable for the infant, strongly disapproving.

Despite the mixed reactions, the video has taken the internet by storm, racking up the views and eliciting a range of responses.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@mercyherlz“At first I thought it was a doll only after she shook.”

@mukami : “I thought it was real hair until the wig fell.”

@onlyteddy“Let children Be CHILDREN!”

@emilylyb764 : “Even with full face makeup, I no go fine like this.”


Watch the video below:

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