A trending video has shown the moment an alleged security officer stood unconcerned and later walked away during a robbery attack at his place of assignment.

Armed robbers had attacked a shopping mall in broad daylight to cart away money and other valuables. In the security footage that surfaced online, the masked men could be seen rushing at a security man holding a bag while heading towards an ATM.

Meanwhile another security officer at the robbery scene stood aloof and later slowly walked away the moment he spotted the robbers with their heavy guns.

Watch video below,

In other news, two social media big boys, popular for flaunting their flamboyant lifestyles on the gram were caught engaging in a robbery operation.

Before their arrest one of their videos shared online, shows them lounging in a hotel room while smoking and vibing to music.

However, moments after flaunting their wealth on social media the men were nabbed while allegedly terrorising a neighbourhood.

Video of them being paraded was shared online, they had been brutally beaten, with one bleeding from the head. ICYMI

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