students collapsed

A video making rounds online students shows the moment students of Oberlin High School in St Andrew, Jamaica, fell to the ground and started screaming during a religious exercise.

Over 200 students are reported to have ‘fallen under the anointing’ on Wednesday morning, October 26, forcing the school to close early.

It was learnt that a female teacher was addressing the students about their behaviour and decided to pray for them because she got a ‘message from God’. Not long after she started praying, students started shaking uncontrollably and collapsed.

students collapsed

One of the affected students who spoke with Radio Jamaica News, said she became ‘disoriented’ during morning devotion, and it was chaotic because students were ‘dropping everywhere’.

She said;

“So, we were all up there and we were keeping devotion and they start pray and… the teachers got into spirit, and a girl in 11th grade – she’s a prefect at Oberlin High School as well – she got into spirit. And from that, everybody start faint, basically.

“I don’t have a number, but the auditorium of Oberlin High School, that was full, and the nurse’s office was full, and the agriculture lab was full, and outside pickney was actually fainting again, over and over.”

The school principal, who confirmed the incident, said she believes the student were “overpowered by the anointing and started to worship aloud”.

Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Education have launched investigation into the incident and will share more details about what happened at the school to the public.

Watch a video clip below,

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