A South African man, Amen Vincent Mogakane, has taken to social media to cry out after his girlfriend of five months dumped him for a polygamist. 

Mogakane, who is utterly distraught by the incident, said the woman he was planning to spend forever with left him for another man who proposed polygamous marriage to her. 

According to him, the said girlfriend is so near perfect that he has nothing negative to say about her. He described their five months together as the best moments of his life. 

The heartbroken man believes his woman has been hypnotized by charm, as he’s certain the woman he fell in love with will ordinarily not agree to such.

“I thought I had finally found a life partner. Had the best 5 months of my life. I don’t have anything bad 2 say about this young lady I enjoyed each and every moment we shared 2geda,” he wrote.

“She is far the best partner I ever had 2 date. Without a warning we went from lover birds 2 total strangers!!! From the 7th October she started 2 ignore my calls nor reply to my texts.

“I could tell there is someone poisoning her against me only 2 find out that nduda Sekatane has invaded my love nest, apparently they met at nketse car wash on the 6th October he declared his undying love 2 her when she told him that she is dating me.

He air all my dirty laundry 2 her. Fast forward on the 16th October she told me that nduna Sekatane proposed a polygamous marriage (sthembu) 2 her and she agreed. The woman i fell in love with won’t fall for this bullshit obviously muthi is involved…there is a polygamous wedding(sthembu) taking place ka December between nduna Sekatane, my then gf n his current wife.

This IS some sort of rituals n they want 2 make her the sacrifice (sehlabelwa)? Go ja gaka di strawberries go mpakele manaba kanti rune re swanele re dule kae ga gore re tlo gwetsa peace mara ? I edge all residents of mapaleng 2 vacate the area so nduna Sekatane can have 2 whole place 2 himself since a sa nyaki go dula le batho infact o deserve go dula ledi phofolo.

Some of u might praise him lere o khotsi ke ngwenya mara ke bharu if a kgone go thoma a jola le batho bago lèkana le mmage go tseba mang gore dilo tsage di nyaka yini next lesa makale ga jola le bana ba lune next it’s still feels like a nightmare mara nduna e tseye sepheto mara le tla modikelela.” He wrote on Facebook.

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