The Nigerian comedian, Sydney Egere popularly known as Sydney Talker has shocked the internet with his newest exhilarating comedy where he acted the role of a serial killer.

In the skit, the comedian had met popular global artiste, Burna Boy and had been starstruck. In excitement, he pleaded with a nearby photographer, IsbaeU to take shots of them with his phone.

The photographer did take some pictures and left immediately with Burnaboy. When Sydney decided to check the pictures, he met them blurry and poorly taken. Right at that moment, a serial killer was made.

The psychological trauma that the photographer caused to him steered his killing tendencies towards others of the same profession.

He then started killing photographers to the point that the media news carried his record of murdering over five thousand of them and still counting. He was not relenting.

The most hilarious part of the comedy skit was when he cosplayed as VeryDarkMan to create the persona of a serial murderer.

VeryDangerousMan for that is his own name did videos pledging not to forgive photographers for the evil done to him and that he would continue his pursuit of making sure none remained on the surface of the earth.

As funny as this sounds and looks, sadly many can relate to the anger of being disappointed by photographers at very special events. We hope however that the Sydney “killer” is arrested soon and brought to book.

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