An unidentified mum has recounted the terrifying moment she discovered the “666” symbol had appeared in photographs she had taken.

According to her, she decided to take a picture of her children while walking home on Tuesday, December 1st, after a shopping trip.

She crossed public football pitches in the Seaton area of Aberdeen in order to make her way home from the shops.

She stated that while making her way across the pitches, she snapped several photos of her children before continuing with her journey.

Daily Record reported that she only became aware of the mysterious appearance when she was looking through the pictures at home.

The “666” symbol had randomly appeared on the football pitches, and sparked concern after she shared the phots on social media.

A friend of the unidentified woman wrote, “This is some f*****g freaky s**t!, my friend took this photo the other night. I’m not superstitious but I can’t be the only one seeing the numbers ‘666’.”

666 is the “number of the beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelations and is most commonly associated with the Devil as well as the end of the world in the apocalypse.

While the appearance of the numbers on the photos remains a mystery, netizens have tagged the appearance as “spooky”.

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