Friday, March 24, 2023

“My daughter was drugged and she is not missing” – Chidinma Okeke’s father says


News reports that Chidinma Okeke, the former Miss Anambra whose lewd videos recently went viral on the internet, had been declared missing by her family, are “very far from the truth”, her father has said.


Jerry Okeke, who spoke to Premium Times by phone Saturday evening, said his daughter was fine.

“My daughter is not missing and at no time did I declare her missing,” Mr. Okeke said.

Mr. Okeke said after the scandal sent shockwaves across the country, the family immediately moved to save Miss Okeke, 20, from committing suicide.

Mr. Okeke said he handed over his “little girl” to another family member because he had to travel to the family’s ancestral home for another engagement.

He denied news report quoting him as declaring his daughter missing in the aftermath of the racy video.

“I have been trying to make contact with one of The Sun newspapers that published the story because they want to sell (market) and I will give them a seven-day notice to correct it,” Mr. Okeke said.


But The Sun says it stands by its story.

Bruce Malogo, the editor of Saturday Sun which published the story, told Premium Times the headline was appropriate for the direct quotes from Mr. Okeke, which he said were on the record.

“As it stands now, my daughter is still a small girl. I don’t know whether she is still alive or dead. But all I know is that God will prove Himself worthy to fight His children’s battle. I don’t have much to say for now,” the paper quoted Mr. Okeke as saying.

Mr. Okeke, however, maintained his ground.

“I did not tell press man that called me from The Sun that my daughter is missing or that I couldn’t find her,” Mr. Okeke reaffirmed.

Specifically, Mr. Okeke said he told The Sun reporter that the family was holding on to God for a breakthrough in the wake of the scandal.

“I will allow them (police) to do that (their job), but I know my daughter was drugged by some people who took advantage of her as a young woman.”

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  1. She wasn’t drugged at all,she was busy making use of d cucumber judiciously n enjoying her life

  2. I wonder wen una go talk wetin I wan hear, D story dey die small small una still dey resurrect am.

  3. Hmmmm…I think he wanted to say she was charmed. .that would’ve been better…lol..maybe they should give her father the video clips to watch to make a better statement…hmmmm…I pity for her parents though. ..

  4. Drugged??
    Okay, next news please….

  5. Mobo Tafri says:

    hmm and people are aving pity on her and her family mttchw so u think hiding her z d best alternative

  6. Yea dear she needs you people now than ever try what you can to protect her she is not the worst sinner. But telling us she was drugged you will need a lot of time to convince us from about that and who was the person that drugged him. Furnish us with all the facts and stay aside and watch us do justice to it thank you.

    • It true watch DAT video close seems she was drug

    • taaaa,,,who drugged her,,de video she did in her first year at the university,,de guys dat leaked it said so because the guys disguised dem self as ladies and told de idiot that they were lesbians,,then she exchange de video in place of thiers,,say what yhu know

    • They would have said she was charmed. Foolish girl

    • That girl is a porn star, and if she contest for best porn, she will win, but I don’t blame the father because he might not watch the porn video, if you were the father will you watch the porn video of your daughter, so he was saying what the family told him, but what do you people expect the man to tell the public, that her daughter is a porn star! Abomination! Is he going to marry her daughter, the old man would have kept quiet, than coming to the public to say trash, so he was aware that her daughter is a porn star! What a shame, like father, like daughter, well trained in lies, before it was photoshop, when the part 2 was released, she claims blackmailing, under gun point, now latest is under drugs.who is deceiving who?

    • Rona, am sure u r not better than this girl… If we should video cover everything we do in secret am sure most people will be stoned… Let this girl be… She’s a sinner, so WHAT? WHO IS HOLY? I bet u r not..

    • ‘re u their.what ‘re u saying hw did u no that she is a porn star because u watch the video. see let me tell u anything can happen i have a sister they did the samething to her dey drug her and have sex. so nobody can tell

    • I knew her lesbian partners, will come for her rescue, but it’s unfortunate that chidinma is a scapegoat, one day your video will leak, by then,we will judge who’s sin is bigger than chidinma. But for now let it be a lesson for innocent people who might dreaming to join the dirty Game! Nigeria has never turned to soldom and Gomorrah!

    • @Monalisa Nancy, if sin is your hubby, don’t forget that we still have innocent people in our midst! Don’t corrupt them with your stupid comments, is like telling people to steal because everybody is stealing! Don’t forget that you will answer questions for those people who you misleading on the last day! Be warned!

    • I have the video. The real version. She wasn’t drugged. She was clearly catching fun

    • Monalisa Nancy. I hate people making this statement of urs, its as good as admitting u re a sinner and u don’t see anything bad in it. If u re doing bad thing in secret its better u stop it for heaven sake and stop rejoicing in sin. What the lady did was bad if internationally and shouldn’t be encourage at all. I don’t judge her and I pray God will have mercy on her, but u people should stop the believe that everybody is a sinner cos Jesus ve redeemed u from sin. If u still now dwell in sin, its ur choice to perish.

    • Pls ooo I don’t av any video ooo

    • Luke Will says:

      pls i need the video who can send me ?

    • Oga watching that porn video, is a sin, you better not partake in that sin. God bless you!

  7. Kikikikiki,drugs!and she was perfect on the cucumber and her partner?.Good to protect ur own though.

  8. please let dis girl be na.. it seems as if most of u are jobless

  9. Once a cucumber is always a cucumber

  10. Please let d sleeping dog lie

  11. Igele Omenka says:

    I talk am

  12. Befe Ngia says:

    Let him or her without sin cast the first stone. All she needs now is your prayers not judgment.

    • Tell them!

    • make we hear word,,lying is sin but not abominable,,fighting is a sin but not abominable,,yhu see gay,lez,killing are all abominable,,just quote Jesus right,,He said if any of yhu has not done what dis woman has done or without a sin,,,so I will throw de stone cause I don’t do rubbish

    • Tina Manuel says:

      Simon Deblueprint really? Tell us more. How come you know so much about the bible yet you never came across the passage that says you shouldn’t judge? And why couldn’t you quote where it was written that lie is not abominable but being gay is? You need to shut up and find something to do with your time. Rubbish

    • He aint judging buh d most annoying was u casting d stone…..
      U chop winch?

    • Dan Kunle says:

      All she needs now is going to jail and hopefully she may be rehabilitated.

    • @Befe ngia, that porn star, doesn’t know how to pray if she was brought in that way she could have not indulged in the evil act! Even her lesbian partners, from the way they were defending her, they haven’t seen anything wrong being a lesbian! Abomination

    • Loveth Obor says:

      D truth is not we fighting each other here with comments but let her change for good and move on dat is my stand oh

    • She wasn’t looking drugged.she wasn’t looking charmed either.wish she can pull her life together after the mess.for me its a big time mess she could have avoided.i just pity her.

    • Taa make we hear word

    • Please tell them Biko

    • Abeg shut up

    • Shut up jooor

    • Befe fit don do gay video too????,Mr stone caster

    • Bada Bukola says:

      Dan Kunle, you mean this girl oo

    • Ceo Chiebuka says:

      Brother befe, we have seen you …
      Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound??
      A word is enough for the wise…

    • Old post

    • Look at how you re confusing itself Simon Deblueprint….misunderstanding d bible and quoting it wrong. FYI….Jesus said…if any of you is without sin cast the first stone. D bible never said dat Jesus said if any of you has done wot dis woman has done. So if u re without sin simon deblueprint u can cast ur stone.

    • And again….pls go back to ur bible

    • Kai…listen to ursef again Simon Deblueprint….dat lying, fighting etc is a sin but not abominable. Wot made it not to be abominable? Pls ooo lying, fighting, lesbianism etc dey re all sins and abominable by God. Its lyk u hv lied n fought dats y u re defending it dats its not abominable. Pls stop deceiving ursef. And again pls visit ur bible properly n pray dat d holy spirit helps u to understand it properly and stop quoting rubbish

  13. Lol… Why is it only ur daughter dat is facing all this na… Na only ur daughter b miss anambra? Wetin u expect miss world…. ..

  14. You guys should free this girl. Am sure most of u commenting do worst things. Only God sees us all.

  15. James Joel says:

    Na lie. Which drug

  16. i heard the most popular porn site, XVIDEOS gave her an invite to come work for them and earn huge $$$…
    that’s what this hypocritical ladies die for…

    besides i need a lady for good sex not a prostitute ooo.. oya talk!

  17. Itz Samjay says:

    in other news.. she was found under cucumber tree…

  18. Oluwa Sonap says:

    If na America…this girl don blow with this scandal I swear…#kimK pattern

  19. Linda Oja says:

    Drugged ke, what about the other lady

  20. De Joe Int'l says:

    Nonsense, probably don’t know how drugged people do??? Drugged but has the strength to kiss and mourn in the porn video? Do you even know what drugging is all about????

  21. But she said she’s not the one In the video, how many lies will you and your family tell us, just accept your crime and go to jail and don’t run away like a coward.

  22. I knw she was influenced by hard drugs, I hv watch the video

  23. God will show mercies on her

  24. whether she was drugged or not, you guys should stay off media” the shit has already spread, and the smell is choking everyone” take your time. to clean the mess secretly so everyone can breathe fine; its of no point coming here to justify anything

  25. Can this family just keep mute, we have forgotten about the videos sef na una dey remind us

  26. una no go leave this girl alone ? derile edun is a gay no body keeps complaining , boboroski is a gay no too much news . Please leave this girl alone . mind your business

  27. So her family members have admitted she did it…

  28. I laff in Greek. Drugged ko, stoned ni

  29. She was drugged with panadol extra lol…… Paapaa u try

  30. Anakoheri

  31. this family NA de family of linus,,,the people that leaked the videos has already told us that yhur daughter “chidinma” did that video at her first year in the university,,then she mate de guys on Facebook,in which de guys disguised them self as lesbians and yhur idiot daughter taught she has found fellow lesby partners,,that’s how karma visited her,, don’t try to deceive us we are no kids,,

  32. Yaba wentin una dey gain from this news.. Abi una no get any other thing to write about

  33. Love Wisdom says:

    Monkey no fine her baba like am. #Shame

  34. Henry Ikhile says:

    She was drugged yet she was the main protagonistn girl ontop.It was even the other girl under that seems drugged if we must go by that.

  35. Please can anyone send me the video or tell me how I can watch it.

  36. Cathy Eshiet says:

    For me, I strongly believe, someone or some people are behind the down fall of this poor gal. I don’t know her from Adam n I ‘ve not seen the video, just been reading articles upon articles about her. I pray may God see her through the mess. Sometimes, our achievements is trend to our enemies and even our closed friends and families and as such they would do everything possible to BRING YOU DOWN if you are not strong in PRAYERS.

    • @cathy Eshiet, see how you people are being deceived, I knew if can do worster than that porn star, by calling her evil act achievement, what have she achieve, being a lesbian or acting porn movies. This how you people with deranged mind, defend atrocities! May God have mercy on you ladies.

    • Cathy Eshiet says:

      Hey Sylvermentor Ezeh learn manner ok
      It’s my opinion. What do u understand by “DERANGED”? Pls watch ur mouth

    • Cathy Eshiet says:

      N go through every words of my commet one after the other n get understanding b4 u open yourouth to insult yourself. EXCUSE ME

    • Dan Kunle says:

      Cathy, there’s no justification at all for what she did. If she was drugged, she was moving with the bad groups, if blackmailed, she had a secret she was covering. You ladies should stop having soft mind on this lady’s issue. I expect you people to be asking for her to be arrested instead of this campaign of leniency.

    • Shit got real

    • @cathy Eshiet, stop twisting your comment, there’s nothing to read again, I understand what you are saying and there is no grammatical blunder in your comment, but I have made my point, is for you to take corrections, I advice you need an elderly people to advice you on how to train children, because you might make mistakes if you fail to contact a good advisers! That is my advice! Mean no harm! Good luck!

    • Na wa for some people o…… She even say “the poor girl” has been doing it for God knows how long, dem catch am dem don catch am be that!!!! Which wan be poor girl??

    • Sylvermentor Ezeh Let him or her without sin cast the first stone. All she needs now is our prayers not judgment.

    • Chigozie Aninwonu,nawa for you o.

    • I have the video. The real version.. She was only being stupid! Do u care for the video?

    • Yes, @ Gabriel G-Fresh Ohue

    • Ugwoegbu Ela says:

      I have not watched the video before but i no wot eva she has done is sinful so if u have not committed any Sin before pls be the first to drag her out and crucify her.

    • Thts has been my tots too.. God will soon expose dos behind her downfall.

    • Vivian OG says:

      God bless u dear

    • Poor girl ko poor girl Ni….lol @Cathy Eshiet please go and watch the video.

    • Mennnn she really fucked up

    • That smelling pussy she lick was so dirty and am very disappointed in her dow

    • And so. Sin Will always be a sin. Ekereobong Favour Davies talking as if u r the Saint of the world. Judging like God.

    • You are right Cathy my sister but there is payback time for everyone of them. God sees all even in our hidings and evil thoughts for our fellow men. God will prevail for chidima

    • Ebube Ogbu says:

      She made a lesbian video she has committed a sin,,what about those watching and sharing the video?? That sharing in the sin as well..

    • If that girl is my sister I will not only disown her, but Send her to jail, after watching porn video, she starts practicing it practical, people without conscience, Thou, my sister wouldn’t try such rubbish, knowing the type of family she is from! Absolutely lackadaisical!

    • This man should be ashamed of his daughters actions rather than mitigating it. Though me thinks, he must have shared out of the money the daughter must have been bringing home

    • John Damulak says:

      I argued before but I believe it when I watched d video

    • @osunsami funmilayo, I’ve notting to say to you. But dear am no saint i never said i was. But am not stupid like the rest of you who support evil. My people talk say if person Yansh smell na because say hin no wash sham well. So my dear grow up and stop promoting such disgusting issues on social media. And if you’re also into lesbianism my advice to you and prayer is that you repeat or esle God punishment will defenetly come upon you and the rest of your lesbians friends. It not personal but my dear not play God.

    • Ekereobong Favour Davies, I want you to ignore all the ladies that were supporting her, birds of the same feathers flock together!

    • Ceo Chiebuka says:

      Before is it the devil that is behind this one again??
      No tell me @cathy???
      She messed her self up…
      The entertainment industry is full of backstabbing…
      Its a give or take thing…
      You give what you have to get what you want or nothing for you…
      She is a lesbian and she wanted fame,she had an affair with one of the organizers,she got the fame….she now wanted to back out of the contract ….
      Omo…things now went bad…

    • Uju Ekeleme says:

      Send me d video

    • @uju Ekeleme watching that porn video is a sin, pray for the repentance of that girl, so that God will forgive her. God bless you!

    • Irrespective of all our various sins which all of us in our secret knows, God is not ashamed of any of us. He who is sinless should cast a stone. Sin is sin, which ever way or form it is comitted, it has equal weight. None is righteous except God

    • Anita Isreal says:

      She wanted to be famous by all means, so she got what she wanted

    • I can send u her Video if u care. No one is fighting her ok. She jst ripped wat she sewed

    • @Catherine Charles, you are a disgrace to womanhood, how dare, you use that word to address people, all this lesbians were using such comments to defend their atrocities and I am not expecting an elderly woman like you to say such, what message are passing to public, please reserve the comments to your children, whenever they commit crime, read the quotation to them, maybe you don’t know the chapter, it’s John 8 : 7, so write it down for your children. Is like telling people to steal because everybody is stealing! We still have innocent people in our midst! Nigeria has never turned to soldom and Gomorrah! Be warned!

  37. We hear na… Buh ur daughter Neva mentioned she was on drugs…. She on drugs sef na anoda offence. Where she get am?
    No joke with dah kind tin papa…..

  38. As if u pipl dy tell deaf and dumbs and not human being but my question is…

    Who is fooling who,u,internet abi ur daughter??

  39. I want to watch that video

  40. Ceo Chiebuka says:

    Drugged ??
    Drugged you say??
    Papa Chidinma..
    Please papa chi , chill down OK
    We’ve heard you OK..
    Two weeks ago you people said she was missing,now you saying she is not and she was drugged…okwaya???
    We understand you people are trying to cover her by supporting her..
    Its OK…but in case of next
    Just don’t bug us with her issues OK..
    We got a lot happening in the country right now and this story of veggies and crops abuse is not needed..
    Thank you for your understanding papa chi

  41. Did he say drugged

  42. Nice move

  43. Drugged indid…….. Pls take a look at d video again maybe you ll come up with another xcuse…..

  44. Even boko haram r denying it that they weren’t responsible for the death of that Lt……nonsense

  45. STORY FOR THE GOD’S (Part 3)

  46. Whether she use cucumber or cassava or fuck Man or woman… Truth is this is stale news… Any fresh news please… And anybody who thinks chidimma is bad should send me a friend request….

  47. Pls can someone send me de video?

  48. She should repent of her sins, not talking about suicide, that’s what God want from us. May God have mercy on us.

  49. She lied down filling so weak with cucumber such a nice movie wish to watch season 2

  50. Musa Hudu says:

    This lesbian would not allow us hear better words again?

  51. Ogadinma oo


  53. Am short of word’s.

  54. Preshann Ada Askwell

  55. Chika Chiedu says:

    Whether drugged or not keep ur family away from media so the case can die… everyone has a past,i hope chidinma has learned from her mistake…pls pick up the pieces of ur life n move on

    • Ceo Chiebuka says:

      Real talk my dear…
      First she said the video was photoshoped..
      Later she accepted it was her..then she said they wanted to kill her…
      We heard she is seeking for asylum in another if its not enough,her parents came out and said that their daughter is missing…
      Now he said she is not missing…
      Contradicting themselves and making matters worse..
      They should just stay off the media..and take care of her…like you said that’s all.

    • True talk Chika chiedu

  56. Henry Iloeze says:

    Chidimma have done enough harm to the society,now I don’t consider cucumber as fruit again because of her…Instead of her family to keep quite,they kept twisting the whole situation…..who drugged her,her colleague or me?

  57. Ezegbe Chuka says:

    :* Just stay off the media, at least for a while.

  58. Oghene Kome says:

    pharoah must hear this
    i dey go egypt now

  59. Fuck the drugs. All we know she cucumbed her Fucking self

  60. Lola Akins says:

    God have mercy

  61. Pity the little girl please. She have accepted her mistakes. Please my country people she is still a teenager 20 for dat matter. She was deceived by those lunatic. Remember that she is someone daughter. Don’t do to others what you don’t wish urself

  62. Lio Nwokoye says:

    Wether she was drugged or dragged we don’t care. She’s a cucumber lady. Miss cucumber

  63. Tell her to stop coming to AKALAKA

  64. PLS say the truth so dat dis country move forward and not backward

  65. Wazy Gideon says:


  66. lesson to all the stupid girl out there that send nude videos and pictures to people they don’t know. Sometimes I wonder why some girls could be sooooooooooooo cheap. its was not like this in the 60s, 70s and 80s. No shame anymore, Na wah ooooo

  67. dis isn’t a Drug atall as An Health personnel PLS if you happen to be her Frnd or family dnt come out here to correct pple but go to her to never repeat the same mistake or trusting any of her Frnd’s wit such

  68. Drugged by who sir?

  69. Daniel Ukwu says:

    How many times is he speaking

  70. MAY GOD in his infinite mercy in this horrible moment of ur life be with u (Chidimma).I am not holy.saint or better than u so there for I have no right or power to judge u.all I ask God everyday of my life is mercy 4 our sin’s

  71. I thought you said she was missing

  72. Chukwu Flozy says:

    I dnt like it nor will l ever encourage it but all this saint talking have sis,relative doing thing worsted than chinnma but can’t even control them… I know some want to hear that she’s dead instead of missing. Pale protected your child any body in your shoe will do the same…… THEM NO DEY tHROWAY BAD PICKIN even if she do am.

  73. Chai what a down fall!!!

  74. She lacks the required home upbringing and she has paid dearly for it.

  75. Lesbianism is not a disease that you get when someone sneezes on you… Its an act thats has been with you for some time.. Lets assumes she was druged… But she could still figure out what a cucumber is and the right direction to go in between her legs???

  76. They should arrest chidinma with an immediate effect

  77. Peace Chichi says:

    Papa chidimma pack well and not swear for any child blc they can do undo in this end time

  78. It is well wiith her. We pray for u Chidinma. Stay strong

  79. THOSE THAT ARE CRITICISING HER AND ARE happy cos it happend, thats not good ,its a pity,,,and for those that publicise this will suffer for it,,you think that ur smart and that you dont commit sin,your own is the worst

  80. Dan Kunle why not spearhead the arrest and see how helpless you and your prosecutors will be disgraced in the court. With what law are you going to prosecute her with and when was it pass into law of Nigeria?pls do you remember that this whole drama happened before the law was passed? Look the only thing we should be saying and doing now is to rally round her and make her a better person for all have sin and come very short of Gods glory.

  81. It is well with your family .God will see u people thru ijn amen

  82. Chinye M Oba says:

    Nwoke biko ra pu iha aka

  83. I doubt if she was drugged, I saw the the video, she was playing along with the other girl. For money or gun point, maybe

  84. Pls people should leave Chidinma alone so dat she won’t commit suicide

  85. Albert Abulu says:

    Take her to rehab instead of coming to media to defend this ugly act, infact you should run from media as far this issue is concern.

  86. Pls I need to watch the video let me know if is true any one with it

  87. I think the father may be right, Nigerians can do anything to damage someone’s image.

  88. When someone is drugged,u cant even move ur arms or legs,if someone takes weed,the person acts like a typical madman

  89. Drugged or not the deed has been done. Solution is most needed now to avoid aggravation. Dem don even offer her work for porn company for america sef

  90. Kenny Ogodo says:

    Na wa oo,even lesbians girls wll condemned her cos u cnt tell me there is not lesbians comment her,God have mercy

  91. d same okeke’s father dat said she was missin b4?hummm..who is foolin who?.Mchweeee…yeye dey smell.
    lol..4 mor lie lie tori..text “YABA” 2 LEFT…

  92. Kenny Ogodo says:

    Cos for Nigeria na tight da kill tight

  93. Story for the god’s

  94. Drugged koo

  95. She was drugged with cucumber right ?

  96. The BIGEST LIE 2016 … Pls go and face the law jare ! I am an ignorant can never be an excuse in the court of law!

  97. Doris Chioma says:

    Please she need it, that’s what every parent can do to their child especially when he/she is innocent of the crime. No human being in her right senses can do that knowing too well they are videoing her.

  98. Paul France says:

    Hmmmm chi am still observing ur case just wait i will come up with beter jurgement so chill my dear noting na we dey rock dis world no be only gay’s dey fight for freedom we 2 follow just be strong ok this just d begining of ur famous ok

  99. They need to stop talking, and keep changing the story now show she knows what she was doing, no one is above mistakes

  100. Obehi Santos says:

    She dey form for guys and come dey run tins wit fellow female. Na lesbianism dey onboard dis days na. Chidimma come to america, no one will crucify u for a lesbian.

  101. Sir, your daughter was not drugged, she knew exactly what she was doing in that video.. Someone that was drugged will not be able to lift ger hand and do the things your daughter did in that video.. Cos of the effect of the drug..
    Sir, your daughter did what she did to win the miss Anambra pageant.. End of story.

  102. Am interested in the video, pls I need it

  103. Nothing will happen to her in jesus name.

  104. Na wa oo please can u just leave this cute lady alone

  105. OK

  106. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, may GOD 4give her sin, we are all sinner, wot some pple children are doing is very worst, only tings u can do is 2 pray & advised ur children, they we not use our children to do example or lesson, in JESUS name amen,

  107. I don’t know what the POLICE is waiting for before they will arrests that cucumber girl to shut her parents up .

  108. Ahiaba Joe says:

    Very beautiful and sexy gal o,that every man wud love to sex like 5-6 times everyday even with empty stomach but she choose cucumber instead.
    Anyway,I pray she get out of this as soon as possible
    she look so innocent.

  109. Stop talking, please. A minute of silence isn’t only for the dead.

  110. I want whatever she took….

  111. Gloria Young says:

    A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, loving favour rather than silver and gold. God help us to choose rightly

  112. No be only drug

  113. Ds man should just keep quiet,chidinma was in control of the cucumber pushing it inside her vgn than her lover girl….. Nothing like drug

  114. Omakwu Helen says:

    Dragged into what. Just admit the shit advice your daughter to get out that mess.

  115. Abeg who get the part 3 cucumber video?

  116. Haba oga! I thought you said you were looking for her ,that you have not set your eyes on her since this whole thing started?

  117. This babe must really be going through tough times now. Granted that everyone has a past, it is a lesson for us all not to indulge in evil acts for the day of reckoning awaits.. It is a pity. I pray she comes out of this trauma stronger and repentant.

  118. Drunk? Ok maybe she was intoxicated by the juice coming out of the cucumber.. Jus saying

  119. Well no one can say,no one knows d actual truth only chidinma and God…

  120. Ur daughter is a lesbian abeg leave story

  121. another story again 2 protect ur daughter hmmm papa chi chi…dnt worri we go c anoder story sayin she waz charmed lol

  122. Anietie Ekpo says:

    Papa chi how can you tell us your daugther chidima was drugged when she had already told us that she is not the one in the released videos(part 1&2). now who should we believe? infact we are cofuse sef until we see the part 3 of the video, before then help me with your flat pin charger.

  123. That is how they will dualize there pleasure Iceland,to four lane and put unnecessary pressure on an innocent man in the future

  124. did he just say drugged???… drugged n she wz consciously enjoying d decitful sexual pleasure….
    let her ask for forgvness from God n stay calm.
    it will only take a matter of months b4 d whole tin leave d lips of evri1.

  125. Lets not judge her so that we will not be judged.

  126. Any proof about this?

  127. Ugwoegbu Ela says:

    I have not watched the video before but i no wot eva she has done is sinful so if u have not committed any Sin before pls be the first to drag her out and crucify her.

  128. Domo Umoekpe says:

    I believe she was drugged. A good look at the video you see a lady’s fingers painted with teal green and yellow cortex, trying to position chi’s legs well. Meaning there were other people inside the room. Karma will visit that woman.

  129. Ugwoegbu Ela says:


  130. My dear lets that be baygon but always be careful and mend ur way, seek the face and ask for his forgiveness.

  131. Na BIG FAT LIE, she wasn’t drugged anytin she is a lesbian take it or leave it, the damage has been done, in d video u see she was really enjoying the cooking of the cucumber in her punani, anyways this is a lesson to us all,