A lady based in the commercial capital of Lagos has written to Joro Olumofin about the sense of insecurity of her man which prompts him to smell her v*gina whenever they see over suspicions of s*xual affair with another man.

Read startling revelations from her relationship:

My newly fiance is a very jealous man, he proposed to me 3 months ago. Am thinking of returning the ring now.He loves me a lot, am not working now, so he pays me salary of 200k a month with hair allowee..Buh his so jealous. He deleted all males on my BBm, he goes through my likers on IG to block n unfollow people. Am worried if I want to marry him, am scared now because he likes to smell my vagina everytime we see, to see if another mans sperms is inside. I don’t know what to do, my sister said he will beat me soon. Am just tired. I got a job finally and he doesn’t want me to take it. He said he will increase my salary to 250k. I love him but am scared for my safety. Can he change? I need your commenters to give me courage to leave please.

vagina smell

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  1. Damn! Disgusting! And how does it smell like when u do other partners if any. It smells any diff? He must be a specialist in d field to know. Anyways, I don’t like his new found job no thank u. I keep my nose for my self and my food’s aroma

  2. Is he a dog? You have to take him to veterinary physicians for check ups.. Only cheater belives everyone cheats…. Trust me you man cheats…. Let him keep smelling one day he I’ll perceive the one dat Ill get his nose stucked
    Na so cancer of the nose dey start…

  3. My dear,what is coming is far better to what you loose and dont let money ruin your everlasting happiness and joy….Now i can hear you say fiance not even husband and he is acting like this(Smiles).4 ur information and as an advice,he will lock you up in a cage once he marries you because am seeing him trying to turn you to slave.plz my dear sis,run n return the ring or better still throw it off bcz that kind of marriage dsnt exist again…live a Free world n life

  4. That’s nasty! That guy is a psycho and will fly off the handle soon, better use your head girl and get the hell out of that relationship before he will smell one day and don’t like the smell and beat you black and blue. Wetin person no go hear for this world again?!

  5. ..That’s funny anyway, I think he really cares for you. but the insecurity he has created in your relationship, and I also think that you might have be the cause of that, because is like you give him the reason not to trust you completely. Let him know that you can be trustworthy not by words but by your way of life and believe me this kind of feelings can lead to something bad if not carefully handle or talk seriously about it by you both, in order to have a level playing feed for both of you.

  6. Hmmm ur fiancé must be a specialist in women’s affair for him to know how it smells different guys with their different wahala…. My dear don’t let dat continue (d smelling of a thing) because he can do worst wen both of you are married

  7. What has ur fiance got to do with your private part. See how u sold yourself so cheap. He can decide to call off the engagement tomorrow and who loses? You of course. Ladies learn dis no man is allowed to see ur undies until the wedding night. If u start sleeping with a man who just said will u marry me the man will never trust you. U will make yourself cheap. We men like the suspense. Let others learn

  8. Quite now dat u Ave d time cuz soon he will start using his fingers, then hand am telling u out of experience after dat he will ask u to swear an oath mean why his busy doing his flirting thank u young lady

  9. Plz plz plz, guys guys guys! After hear from the woman, let us hear from the man too, don’t just let woman go this way, remember that some of us is a man too, it depending of what characters or the woman believior

  10. Dear friends,i think its high time we ignore nd unlike dis ”yabaleft online” cos dey have nothing to offer except negetivity nd decieption.they wil cause comotion nd d problems 2ru thier post

  11. Hahahaha am laughing.. Smells ur p***y? That man has money and he thinks money can buy everything since he’s already paying u 200k, he suffering from the act of rejection plp like him make a good living then buys things including women with money not love or trust.. This is d kind of man that will kill you in marriage then say it was d devil or evil spirit that control him.. Pls run for your life u r 2young to die..

  12. If your head is telling you now to return his ring, kindly do so because i don’t know the kind nonsense wey bi this. Take up the job you found and be dependant on yourself. Let him go with his one million naira every day. Money is not everything. That guy is probably sick. Mind the way you break up with him. And once you do please stay completely away from him cos I don’t see him letting go easily. Good luck, cos I think you need it.

  13. He does not trust you and that is so dangerous for you. You will be marrying a saddest if you go ahead with marrying him. He would likely not act that way if you did not involve yourself sexually with him.

  14. What did you call him? “Fiance “.This means your options are still open. You can either quit and be with someone who can trust and have confidence in you and respect you as a woman or be with him and keep up with such absurd acts

  15. i once hv such type of guy as a lover.although i loved him alot then but it gets to a condition were i now see his jealousy as pure madness n i was left wit no option than to quit cox if i continue dt relationship i might loose my life in his hand.so i advice u quit such relationship bfor its too late

  16. Why are you so dull and chip up to the existence that your boyfriend will have to smile your private part,you like it,that is why you keep silent,tell him to stop, if he refused then quite the relationship

  17. Hahaha haha, abeg make una leave person alone o, why is he smelling it did he put air condition (AC) inside their, my dear you called him ur finance not even your husband, when him go put you for house n go turn to inspector of yash, abeg I just dey pass o

  18. Wat i understand is dt der s kn sincerity bw u 2 if he luv u as much as u luv him, he s nt suppose 2 doubt ur sincerity by doin dt 2 u. I tink u 2 shld talk things over & re-new ur sincerity 4 each other if u 2 real want 2 get married as u r planning. It is important. I wish u wel

  19. wl advice u board d nxt available flight n run as fast as possible for ur life o,cos if nt hmmmmm death is arund d corner o n I pray dat wont b ur portion ijn,tk God hes nt ur husband yet so thrs still hope for u,hw can smone b behavin lyk dat n let mi tell u d truth,u r nt d only girl in his life n dats d fact,ani body dat is too jealous jst check them veri well most of them r nt always faithful,so Pray to God to set u free frm him

  20. He’s not future husband, and at the same time, follow normal procedure of marriage, stop premarital sex, let your husband have you legitimately, according to the teaching of our noble prophet, ‘s, a, w

  21. O boy!! Nawa ooo… No trust in d relationship….. My dear better quit as soon as possible b4 he comes home to smell ur p**sy again… Maybe this tym he might suspect u nd den padlock ur p**sy wih B&k.. Lol

  22. Let’s be realistic…. Am not siding any of them. For the guy to do that, it only means he has issues with trust. Now to d lady, have you given or shown any reason why he should doubt ur faithfulness?

  23. Is he a native he-goat npke , a man will smell a full grown womans private part , i think i’ve seen the most foolish man on earth why dnt u just enter inside just to make sure put ur head inside or ur life there mr inquisitive, make sure ur still a man .

  24. Ask him to do Blow Jobs for you every time he is wanting to do his bad acts, if he won’t do so or me bites you there, drop him like Hot Potatoes. If he will not lick the Honey Pot, No Checking at all, and if he disagrees, No Continuation. Yeah. He does not Own you. God Owns you. Bless you, little one & if you are seeing other men, please Stop it, One man at a time for health & Spiritual reasons. Takia, daddy

  25. Now wey I just recharge my phone I con see this post. Oh this blog successful people don come again. His he smelling change on naira, pounds, or euros? I just don’t get it. Well nothing there than smell back-look his own antenna. But if you need true love, I can accept you and monitor every parts of your life. Lolzz Thank you!

  26. Sorry to say this,if you call him your fiancé and you don’t know what to do- then,it’s obvious you are desperate to be married and you can be sure that once you are into it,with that same desperation you would want or will rush out of it.

  27. You so called fiance is a he goat bcos it’s only he goats that smells it’s opposite sex. You have sold yourself so cheap bcos you want to be Mrs, wake up lady and stop bringing disgrace to womanhood. Quit the nonsense relationship

  28. Most men and ladies don’t wait till marriage b4 sex oo… The girl go Wan test the guy she wan marry.. And the guy go Wan test the woman him wan marry… Is not allow in the present of God.. But, this days civilization don skata things.

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