Media personality, Iruefi shared how his friend proved the theory that people only helped those they can benefit from.

According to Iruefi, he introduced his friend to a big client to help with his business and the friend tried to form a solid relationship with the client by giving him a 250k gift for the birth of his child whilst he just got a congratulatory message from the friend.

In his words ;

“I introduced an old friend to a certain ‘big man’, about 2 weeks later, this my ‘big man’ friend and his wife got delivered of a baby, my old friend sent him 250k for ‘pampers and baby milk’. I and my wife got delivered of a baby just a week prior, I got ‘congratulations bro’.

Now this my ‘big man’ friend was an estate developer and my old friend was a cement and building materials dealer, I purposefully linked them with the intention that they’d do business sometime and I was happy when he told me that my old friend gifted his new baby some cash.

My only question was why tho? He’s only known this guy for just about 2 weeks, and I’ve known him for over 20 years, even though we weren’t all that chitty chatty, I considered him a friend. Now I don’t feel entitled, I wasn’t even expecting anything, I was just surprised.
This is the new trend. People now only help, celebrate or regard those who they can benefit from, it’s quite sad.”

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