One Mrs Mary Ike has brought a case to the Jikwoyi customary court, Abuja, saying that her husband, Augustine Ike, threatened her to take an oath of marital fidelity before a deity to ascertain her faithfulness him since she got married.

She made this known in a divorce suit she filed against her husband. In her words,

“My husband wants me to swear that I have never slept with any other man since we got married.

“My husband and members of his kindred say I must swear to show that I am innocent of the allegation, the kinsmen say that if I swear and the deity finds me guilty that I will run mad.They also said that if I don’t swear and I continue to make love with my husband, or even give him food or water to drink, that he will die.

“I don’t want to run mad or have my husband dead, I just want to end this marriage and swearing before any deity except God is against my religion,” she said.

She prays the court to bring the marriage to an end because she does not want to lose her husband or go mad.

Reacting to the case, her husband,Mr. Ike said he did not come to the court to listen to the case but to serve it with the pending motion at the appeal court.

He said,

“I did not come to court today for this sitting, I only came to serve this court with our pending motion at the appeal court.

“Untill we are done from the appeal court, I will not say anything in this case,” he said.

The presiding judge, Labaran Gusau, adjourned the case till September 21 for mention.

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  1. he wants to use her 4 ogun owo ni! d ogum owo will make her mad, but the man nids a reason 4 her madness. whether faithful or nt, she will run mad so d husband can say its was her unfaithfulness dat made her run mad after swearing. run 4 ur life woman

  2. Some ppl comment will create more prb to d poster who is seeking for advice. Dat lady has already confess wut anybody will tell her is solution to that not to portion blame, coz d man is excising d tradition of their land which d lady agree knows very well b4 marrying him.issue of religion is story for d god’s.

  3. If u re actually having extra marital life, that’s very bad and its a sin b4 God and ur husband. I will only advice that u repent, beg God for forgiveness and ask God for divine intervention. Then confess to ur husband and and seek for his forgiveness, once God forgive u and intervene am sure ur husband will forgive u. But pls never u do that again, and try as much as possible to build a solid truth btw u and ur husband. I know its not going to be easy, but with time things will be fine. God help you.

    • Ebere Hopewell Eze. What issue again? And what do u expect me to preach? Do u want her to go and swear or what? I can never advice anyone to do that and I will never advice her to leave her husband. If she’s not guilty she wouldn’t be afraid in the first place, once she’s guilty isn’t it better she seek for forgiveness and desist from the act?

    • Uzoma Osamwanze. Abi ooo. That mentality that bcos men cheat women can cheat too is bad, d fact is that its not all men that cheat. Most of the comments are like they support the lady cheating habit. No man can just wake up and tell his wife to go and swear if not for a reason, so running away may not be the best option. If she’s guilty let her confess and beg for forgiveness with the promise of never do it again. If it warrant involving their pastor or any responsible elderly person, let her invite them. Any small thing people will be commenting run for ur live, leave ur husband as of its that easy to be married and be single again.

    • Rifkatu James. Divorce? Have u gotten another husband for her? That’s not d best option pls. So she should divorce now, remarry and commit the same offense and divorce again? Better she apologize, if need be let her involve their pastor or a responsible elder in d family.

    • Ada Onyekwere. Must a husband and wife sleep and face the same direction? Must they lack wisdom together? That’s why u re a woman and a wise woman should know the proper things to do. Bcos the husband refused to involve their pastor and chooses to go to the shrine doesn’t mean the wife should do as well, it may not necessary be a pastor but a godly elderly person that know how to settle marital problems. Proverb 14:1 said ” Every wise woman build her house: but the foolish pluck it down with her hands”. Every wise woman should know how to build her home in any way she could. I just wonder why most women just like the word divorce, they have turned marriage into what u can enter, wake up one day and decide to go out again. No wonder single mothers and single ladies are just too much. And at the end of the day, this same divorced woman will be troubling another woman’s home that’s sweet and peaceful.

  4. Don’t swear… guilty or not, stand ur ground
    Tell him to swear first… 90% of married men this days cheats on their wives and den force d woman to swear to her innocence cuz dey think she does d same thing… Mtcheew

    • People don’t bother to know what brought about swearing of a thing b4 condemning the husband. There’s no smoke without fire, no husband will just wake up and be talking about swearing without a reason. Running away is not the best option, instead let her address the issue that is causing the problem of sweaeing. If she is guilty she should confess and seek for forgiveness, if she’s not guilty let her involve her pastor to talk to him and let she should pray for God intervention. How long will she continue to run if she commit the same thing and she is ask to swear again?

    • Ur husband does not trust u. Any marriage without trust is dead. One of my neighbours did that to his wife, the woman actually agreed to swear but if only the husband will also swear that he is faithful to her. Guess what, the man refused and that was the end of the marriage.

    • Esther Remy Okenwa. Am sure that ur neighbor will understand better now what it means to stay married and to be ex married woman. Besides, trust is what u build as a woman, if u want ur husband to trust its ur choice and u ve to do ur home work perfectly. Same goes to men. U cannot be wayward and expect ur husband or ur wife to trust u always, God knows how to open the secret. If u re a faithful woman, ur man will surely know and trust u. Some women are not really flirting but their movement is so suspicious, maybe bcos of the kind of friends they move with or the way they relate with guys anyhow. That’s why as a married woman u make ur ways clean, don’t leave carelessly as if u re still single. Above all, u cannot be living a godly life and have problem in ur marriage. U may pass through some challenges but God will be always there to see u through.

  5. Make himself swear before the shrine first that he has never slept with another woman since y’all got married, after all he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. A true Christian has no business with a wannabe shrine not even to calm an insecure and suspicious husband, if you have done something warranting this demand then confess and ask for forgiveness but never go near a shrine, if he likes he can go and swear before a shrine

  6. Don’t swear anything…most men are very stupid, they cheat like its no man’s business…check that ur stupid husband nw, he has cheated on you with so many women he can’t even count… If he say u sud swear,tell him he sud swear too…make una run mad together, very simple… Rubbish men with their stupid foolish flimsy excuses to end a relationship…. What rubbish!!!

  7. Haba.. Wetin dey happen now na adays with couples, why would d husband say such when he got married to her did he marry her in front if the gods he want her to swear? That husband is up to something. Run for your life

  8. Something must have brought about that.
    Approach some campuses around you then you will see how married women are messing around.
    One abandoned her 2months baby at home and came back to school and I asked her she said she left it with her mother at home. But she hardly sleep in her lodge, meeting different men.
    What a wicked mother.
    But when she gets home she will pretend as if nothing happens.

  9. Love is wicked. It’s obvious that the foundation wasn’t built on Christ. If u sure u r innocent go down on ur knees and start praying for ur husband and marriage before e late

  10. I don’t understand, almost all d women reacted in d same direction pls does dat mean u guys share d same guilt with her or u want to tell d world dat ur husband re cheating on u dats why u guys re transferring aggression on her husband pls she said Advice but u guys re taking panadol on her headache. The point is dat cheating is bad wether man or woman But who do pay d highest price when caught wisdom is profitable to direct.

  11. Best way to swear is ds:
    If my husband is guilty of me not bn the only woman he had slept with then am also guilty but if he is innocent then iam also innocent. (Don’t specify after marrying u,just use guilty of sleeping with any woman aside from u).
    Simple!, case close#

    • But the woman that will leave her husband to go flirting with other men, to you, is the “Deborah” in the Bible (A WOMAN OF GOD)?. If the husband can prove his innocence, and she knows that she guilty, I she just go and confess to him and God, then seek forgiveness, instead of coming here on line to weep up unnecessary sentiment.

  12. My dear swearing before a shrine is Sin before God,dont swear even if you are guilty of such is only in the hands of God to to God in prayers.if you swear you might be used for another sacrifice this is just a cover up.if you swear to prove your innocence definitely you will run mad .the so called husband don’t Love you he is lusting after you.

  13. My dear don’t even try it, whether faithful or unfaithful don’t do it, even if you’ve cheated him and he demand to know, tell him and ask for forgiveness, nobody is perfect, we have our shortcomings, we are not saints, God is the only one that can forgive you in truth and in spirit, shrine or whatsoever will take revenge on you, and you must go mad whether you did that or not…. However, for a man to tell his wife to swear before a shrine, hmmmmmmm that man is deadly. I won’t do that, I’ll rather leave the marriage.

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  15. My dear please. See am begin don’t even try such thing. U know in u dat u have not Chet on him so don’t worry yourself. Dat yur husband will he be able to come out stand dat he has not Chet on you before. De only tin u will do is to pray about it. Put it in prayers tell god about it OK tinx

  16. Don’t try it,I don’t know why some men are very wicked,he knew very well he was cheating buh wanted to frustrate d woman tie u down,he now start to do travel every weeknd.Nuisance

  17. I want to be clear, is it that u did it or u didn’t because using the deity as an excuse won’t work. If u didn’t do it, tell him that u two should go to church but wait ooooo! Y will he accuse u if he didn’t c or suspect u? Hmmmmmm! If u are innocent don’t be afraid but if he loves u, he won’t put u in danger. The choice is urs

  18. if you are not married yet and you cheat that is another story entirely. but a married woman that is not a good story. we are in a world where if a man does the cheating no issue because he is the man but my God for a married lady that is hmmm not acceptable. whether you are guilty of the act or not just don’t swear abeg.

  19. When women go to church’s praying for a man or husband, they are humble and pretend to be good, just let them in,you will see a different person. They want to rule over the man, regardless of where the Bible place them as Christians

  20. Say no to idol worship, but if you cheated on him. Then, kneel down, confess and apologize. Better to face the punishment for infidelity than the wrath of God for swearing at all, talk more of swearing in a shrine. If you didn’t cheat on him, kneel down and pray to God to come into your home while you remain still. God’s grace.

  21. It is wrong for a woman to have exrtramarital affairs. From the look of things..your hubby should have a very good reason to want to take you to a shrine..maybe your behaviour has changed a lot towards him…so he is suspicious of you. If you are guilty,pls stop it bcos you are bringing a curse upon you,your hubby and your children. It is a big curse. But don’t you ever go to a shrine to swear before a deity.. NEVER!

  22. My dear don’t try it, whether guilty or not guilty don’t do it, besides his not d only man on earth and marriage is not a do or die stuff, who knows what is in his evil mind, maybe to use u for ritual and when runs mad, he will say its ur unfaithfulness that cause it. Pls stand firm on wat u believe, God will help us women.

  23. Even if u sleep with another man,don’t agree with him but settle it with God and desist completely from such act he is a merciful God .A man who has d heart of saying d wife should swear in a shrine is not a Christian secondly his heart is been controlled by d devil,a responsible man would not do that.please go to God and have ur peace.

  24. Men cheat a lot. The even make the women to cheat. That’s how nature created men, nothing may be wrong with that but all will be bad if a woman follows suit. Please women don’t equal yourselves with men. Please stay respected as being faithful even if that man is not.

  25. Even if ur husband swear, don’t Swear cos u don’t no if thy av mention ur name at d shrine and not his. But never the less don’t cheat even if u no very well that he’s cheating on u, is better u pray for him to change or divorce him.

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