Apparently, I am also guilty of this act.

Though I call my Pastor “Pastor”….But I don’t call his wife “Mummy Pastor”…..I call her “Mummy”…and I have no idea why…It’s just like that.

So, someone is asking…Why do you call your pastor “Daddy”…and his wife “Mummy”?

After an argument in church resulting from “call me mommy and I am older than you”, I have been having this curiosity, why are pastors now called “Daddy” and their wives “mummy?” personally, I do not believe that it is right to address a pastor as “Daddy”. Like pastor is not enough respect to someone who teaches the Bible? Jesus was called “Teacher” and not Daddy. Is there any bible verse to wrong my thought or are we now adopting our own style of Christianity? And why would a pastor even accept such a title when our father in heaven is also addressed as such?

Any reasonable answers?

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