A popular American Philanthropist has advised parents against giving their kids a smartphone at a very young age.

According to Matt Walsh, If you love your children and care for their well being, you wouldn’t give them a phone till they are old enough to get a job and buy it themselves.

He wrote ;

My kids will not have smart phones until they are old enough to get a job and buy it themselves. Literally no advantage to children younger than that having phones. You are facilitating your child’s psychological and emotional malformation by giving them phones. Insanely stupid.

If you really think your kid “needs” a phone to get in touch with you, buy them one with no internet and limited or no texting. Giving a kid a phone with full internet access is straight up neglect. I mean there’s no excuse. What is wrong with you?

My oldest are eight. I see kids their age walking around with phones. Do their parents hate them? Why would you give an eight year old a phone with internet access if you love them and care for their well being? I really want to know. What’s your reason? Drives me crazy to see

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