Nigerian reality star, Tacha Akide, has fired back at those dragging her for saying the “undiluted truth” about her sojourn in the Big Brother Naija house.

Yesterday, Tacha shut down the narrative that the reality show helped her life as she said on the contrary, she gave the organizers a SHOW as that particular season was nothing without her drama.

Her comment created a ripple effect and it led to many netizens giving hot takes on how she should remain humble because she wouldn’t have become a public figure without BBNaija

Tacha did not relent as she returned fire to all those dragging her over her comment.

She tweeted ;

If being humble is shutting your mouth up and having lots make constant naive comments about you, then I throw the HUMBLE SHIELD off the window. Fuck what you think

Trust me y’all do not want to have this conversation!! Stay Humble Stay Humble is what got me out of depression??? Where was this energy when y’all mocked, jammed to and celebrated my supposed “DOWN FALL”?? Y’all maaad

Y’all had blue tick account pushing out narratives and rejoicing here and there!! You lots killed goat sef join to celebrate! But yeah it was OK to HATE ON TACHA! My mental health didn’t matter! If I died from depression didn’t matter! It was all ACCEPTABLE FUN

From the same lots demanding HUMILITY! It’s shameful

People can be fake for all I care, can NEVER BE TACHA! What’s the point of diluting the truth when no one else besides TACHA PAYS THE BILLS?? why do I need to lick ass?? Never been my thing, it won’t start today.

Nigerians can’t drag me! I do the DRAGGING✌🏼



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