– Here is a confession from a man who has done everything to please his wife but the wife has repaid him with cheating

Normally, you don’t see men posting confessions online about their love life.

It’s believed as a man you should have this iron heart and should rather die silently your problems than opening up.

Confessing, especially publicly, is never an option.

However, a man seemed to be in a devastating position because his wife has been stressing him.

He posted this confession online seeking for help, a sign that things are really thick in his home.

I’m tired of my wife. We’ve been married for 7 years.

In the 7 years, she has slept with two of her ex-boyfriends. I was okay after the whole thinking maybe I’ll get to forget, but I only became possessive and it kept eating me slowly inside. Now I’m a bitter angry man.

All I ever did was to love her and show her how hard I work to give her a better life, but she thanked me by choosing to sleep with her ex and both of them she didn’t use protection.

She says they refused to wear condoms. I feel nothing but anger towards her. I feel I should just leave her and find myself another.

I feel I should just leave her and find myself another woman and start another life. She is refusing to come with me to have HIV tests done. So tell me…How do I continue to live with such a woman?

What are your thoughts? Should he just start afresh?

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  1. Hmmm,men be careful of what you called wife,how can you married and still be cheating what do you have to tell the younger ones,what about your children?? That is an history…….
    Called her talk to her as your wife tell her your feeling and wet for her action and decision, if there is no change my dear send her to were she desire to be,for peace to rain

  2. I find it difficult to interfere in a marriage issues if i here a complain from only one side because i believed just as u laid your complained to us she will also have are own complained too but regardless of that i will only advice u to go and do your own HIV test firstly to clear your doubt then interference of elders is necessary

  3. Quoting the complainant according to his written statement “I feel I should just leave her and find myself another WOMAN” hmmmm Oga why are you in a haste to quit your union of 7yrs,I smell a dead rat in his story.

  4. Conduct your own test then reserve sex with her for while if you are negative after like a month trick her to some kind of clinical test in which her blood will be tested, but before all these how did you come across knowing she cheats on you don’t ride on suspicions to battered your marriage

  5. Your confession is one sided. In the sense that there is no justification for her to cheat on you, but could there be anything her ex her giving her that you are not giving her?

    As a counsellor, I realise most women can’t erase the past experience of their ex from their head especially when the husband can’t service her like her ex will do.

    While I may tell my brother to get such woman out of his house, if you willing to forgive her, ask her some deep questions like what is she getting from the other parties that you are not giving her.

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