This funny story of fake love was shared by Alexander.


My friend Marcos has been in a relationship for almost a year with Stella, and according to Marcos, Stella loves him to bits, he does too.

He met Stella when he went for his cousin’s matriculation in one of the S/S Universities. Now, Marcos’ cousin has a mutual friend with Stella, so along the line, they both became friends too.

Marcos will always talk about how decent Stella is and
how proud she is to have him, and he will always point to her social media handles as attestation to this.

Stella changes her WhatsApp profile pix about 3 times daily, with Marcos’ picture or a picmix picture of them together, with status like ‘no one like you’, ‘with you its always different’, ‘you add meaning to my life’. Same as her facebook account where she always uploads Marcos’ picture with captions like the ones above.

In fact on his birthday, she almost wrote a documentary on Marcos detailing how he is the sweetest thing God ever made and uploaded it on facebook, Marcos was gushing. Dare to say, Marcos was feeling serenaded, thinking that a lady that can tell the world about you, and plaster your pictures everywhere is actually the one for you.

Just like most of us, Stella has an Etisalat and MTN line, the Etisalat she uses for browsing, the MTN for calls. Two weeks ago, Marcos’ cousin called him with a certain Airtel line after which he asked her who the owner of the line was, she said its Stella’s. Marcos never knew Stella has an Airtel line, he now proceeded to add this Airtel line on Whatsapp, and lo and behold the profile pix was that of Stella and a strange guy picmix, with the status ‘i miss you baby’…(Stella Bella)

Instinctively, he proceeded to facebook to search for StellaBella, to his utmost surprise, it was her authentic facebook account different from the one he knows which is Stenz Stelle with pictures of the strange guy everywhere, with some of them dating as far back as 2013…

Last week he visited her in school without informing her, in her room he saw a small Tecno phone which turned out to be the one with the Etisalat line, to his further surprise, he found out that he was the only contact on the phone and whatsapp too, of course, while she uses her strange Airtel line for other people, on this strange Airtel line whatsapp, she also has the other guy as her profile pics.

Reality started creeping in, it now dawned on Marcos that his “angel” is a cruel manipulator. She intelligently created the FB and Whatsapp account for Marcos, using the DPs as illusion, without him knowing that he was the only one seeing those pictures; he was her only contact on both accounts.

Marcos is a very intelligent guy, so we keep wondering how he was played so ruthlessly, and i ask myself why ladies will take such stress upon themselves just to deceive a sincere guy? #FakeLove


  1. I’m suprised that guys fall for social media hyping by their babe’s. Please dudes and chicks, receive common sense! Social media hyping is not LOVE!!!

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