Hilarious reactions have trailed a video shared online, which captured a dog running off with a tuber of yam.

The lady who posted the video online claimed that her pet dog had carried the yam and tried running off with it while she was peeling it.

The dog could be seen in the video pacing up and down in the living room area while holding onto the yam with its teeth.

While she tried to call the dog off to drop the yam, it refused to yield to her call and then proceeded to run off with it.

However, some internet users who came across the clip found the dog’s action hilarious, others made funny comments about the situation.

Below are some of the comments,

@hamedvisuals:  Baba no won hear say food don finish na why he carry him share 

@hito_delights:  This one never understand wetin the economy dey talk? That shout sounds like an African parent Normally, you suppose feel am.

@iamamakae:  Baba think say Dem they play with am. Hunger wey don make everyone’s eyes RED! See as the person shout, DROP THE YAM!!!!

@wuraaola_art:  check well, that Dog na Yoruba man. He done keep egg somewhere, na yam and egg be the goal

@365.steeze_closet:  See how the other lady shouted ,omo hunger is really real. Can’t u just allow the dog play small?

Watch the video below,

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