Actress, Lydia Forson recently lost her cool and rained curses on a man for saying her mother doesn’t deserve to be celebrated as a mother.

Lydia Forson curses

It can be recalled that Mother’s day was celebrated on Sunday, May 9, and many took to social media to celebrate their mothers. A Ghanaian media outlet shared pictures of Lydia Forson and her mother to mark the special day dedicated to mothers around the world.

However, a troll remarked that Forson’s mother’s inability to scold her for wearing a short dress in the pictures proves that not all mothers deserve to be celebrated.

Forson was infuriated by the man’s comment and lashed out at him, stating that he will never know peace in life. She added that until he prays to God for forgiveness, he’ll be doomed in this life.

She wrote,

“You will never know peace in this life EVER. Unless you go to God and pray for him to forgive you for having the audacity to speak on my mother.” 

See the exchange below;

Lydia Forson curses



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