Man brags

A South African man, Themba Tom Ntuli, has showered encomium on his wife for being submissive to him in a world where women see submission as oppression.

Ntuli, in a post shared on his Facebook page, boasted about his wife whom he called a ‘rare breed’ and said she is different from other independent and educated women.

Man brags

According to him, she always serves him food with a tray and always asks if he needs anything before sitting down.

The proud husband and father wrote,

“My wife never serves me food without a tray! She, without fail everyday, ask me if id like to eat on the dining table or on the couch, she then brings me food where i am.

I have also noticed that she asks me if I need anything else before she sits down. In an era where independent educated women see serving as oppression, I must say that I have married a rare breed.”

In other news, a young man recently took social media ‘clout chasing’ to a whole new level and he was promptly caught and called out for his bad behavior.
“Finally Upgraded my mom’s small shop to a Shopping Mall. It’s only God !!🙏,” he wrote as he shared the photo of the gesture he allegedly did for his mother on his Twitter page.

Congratulations were in order for the young man but eagle-eyed social media users spotted the unusual lettering on the picture he shared and they deduced that he might have doctored the photo.

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Irene wrote ;

Believe everything you see on the internet at your own risk.

Imo, the second frame was poorly edited. The write-up, the “best quality”; there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The drop shadow effect was a brilliant idea tho

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