A married Muslim sister has shared a disturbing conversation between her and a strange man who entered her Dm to book her breastmilk in advance.

The Muslimah received messages from the strange man inquiring whether she was lactating because he needed breastmilk from a “Yummy mummy”. The woman went ahead to explain that she was pregnant and she still had 22 weeks before she would put to bed.

“I felt there was no need to put this here but a brother has admonished me of the necessity.

Early this morning I got a text from @islamicways313 and the following conversation ensued.. I already blocked them” she tweeted.

Read the conversation below:

Netizens took offense with way the woman replied a stranger asking her personal questions and described her as naïve for encouraging the conversation.

M4VP wrote “I understand your angle of thinking “for charity” but a man asking about your breastmilk and you not ending the conversation immediately puts you in a compromising light.
If it’s for charity let women handle the sourcing and distribution.”

Faruq wrote “You allow this conversation to be long Omoh May Allah guide us”

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