A new report has surfaced online detailing how Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin’s marital crisis started.

Kindly read the full report below:


– Via @misspetitenigeria

. πŸ‘‚πŸ’”πŸ’‘πŸ’ My latest dirt is on music exec, #UbiFranklin and actress, #LilianEsoro ‘s one year old marriage .In 2015 I posted dirt on their engagement at the time (here)… Well,two months ago, I heard from authoritative sources that their #marriage has crashed and Lilian had ended the marriage. I felt it was just an issue of adjusting to a new life, which sometimes comes with motherhood.

Besides,some new mums suffer from #Postpartumdepression which can make them take out their frustration on their spouses. It’s been almost four months and the couple is doing little to quell the speculations..Well, let’s just say Lilian is making it quite obvious.

#Misspetitenaija can authoritatively report that Lilian walked out on her marriage immediately their son,Jaden was born and is adamant not to return. Their issues reportedly stem from #infidelity to domestic abuse .

If you recall, their relationship has always been rocky from the moment he proposed to her .Lilian rejected the #proposal and was literally begged to accept him. He even flew all the way to the USA to win her back .

This was because she was not expecting a proposal in such a short time and besides, she was inlove with an #actor who is now married so won’t mention his name .

When she realized the actor had moved on to the new lady he is now married to, she heeded to friends advice and accepted Ubi.Her family also cajoled her to marry him as he was quite generous to them .

Even after accepting his proposal, they split once again and he begged her yet again before she finally agreed and got married .

In a year of marriage, they have welcomed a son and this has sparked reports she must have gotten pregnant before their marriage was official .

At the moment, Lilian has moved out of their house and is finding comfort in her family who are in support of her decision .Meanwhile, Ubi is doing all he can to win her back.He has also tried to keep their situation under wraps.

As if to add fuel to the fire, Lilian totally ignored the launch of Ubi’s new lounge last week .She did not make reference to chinnysblog She did not make reference to it,promote it neither did she attend it.Rumour has it, he opened it to win her back.

To crown it all, today being their anniversary, she totally ignored it on social media and to pass a message across , instead uploaded a photo with her sisters.

After Ubi waited for hours , he decided to celebrate their one year anniversary with this photo collage and loving words to her.

1 year ago I married my lovely wife Lilian who is God Fearing lady and Super mom to our beautiful son “Jayden”. My love for you both knows no boundaries and I will always find this event to be the happiest moment in my life.

Through the good times and challenging times, our union would only continue to grow from strength to strength. Love you lots! Ubi. Onise iyanu πŸ™πŸΎ

One thing is clear, he loves her and wants her to stay ..Let’s hope they work things out and find a level ground .



  1. The love am o
    When he ll stop now and find another girl
    You ll see her ranting all over shouting “husband snatcher”
    As the Angels are still whispering now , her village spirits won’t let her hear word
    Although d full gist has not surfaced …… Eyaaaaah
    Nigeria don dey copy oyibo small small o , God help us for here ooo

  2. Oh dats y she didn’t post Dia pics on Instagram to celebrate Dia one year wedding anniversary yesterday. …dat marriage tho from d first time she rejected d engagement ring nd den later accepted it she never loved ubi ….anyways dey should settle cos am tired of all dis celebrity marriage wahala

  3. Marriage is not easy, it requires patience and tolerance, it’s bitter and sweet. I don’t know what happened but if she loved him enough to marry what his sins that she won’t forgive him even if na cheating,am not justifying the act oh, but I won’t leave my home for any side chick,haba! It’s too early for this, she was not even sure of this marriage she rejected the proposal he had to beg before she accepted, after the engagement she left him again before they finally got married the drama too much jor

  4. People should be careful how they behave in marriage, it is not what you walk in and out when you wish.It is a team work to make marriage and to achieve this, one needs a lot of patience and prayers.

  5. Yabaleft, stop spreading lies about this people’s marriage. Just recently Ubi Franklin celebrated their anniversary on his instagram, telling how much he loves the wife and the kid. Why are you people always wishing this celebrities evil? Does it mean celebrities will not get married again because of some bad belles? Habaa

  6. sometimes we know deep down us dat someone doesn’t love us yet we keep pushing. even from onset ubi seems to be d only one genuinely in the affair, Lilian seems to be having divided attention. I follow both on ig but ubi shows concern more. I believed it was the saying dat in an affair one love more than the other, but sincerely the margin is too clear. ubi u wan marry a star, fine geh, oya nah. if she actually rejected ur proposal n u still beg dat means u don’t know what is good for u. get over her n move on. not cos divorce is good but cos u didn’t want to tell ursef d bitter truth from d beginning. I know it hurts to let go what u love but don’t fall for this saying dat the person will learn to love u as time goes. it only works for very few

  7. This issue of celebrities walking out of marriage anyhow has become a normal thing for them without considering its effect,everybody has one or two issues in there homes but the you manage it well.everything cannot be rosy,life its self is full of ups and down. All they want is luxurious, comfort and fame.pls don’t join the group Lilian make up with your hubby

  8. Lol haha her eye dey very wild….She wants an aristocrat been an actress…most married women of nowadays pretend to be married happily, I heard one still visits her Ex who is single regularly…I was shocked and I imagine why they pretend too much, if ur Ex was better then why did u leave him for someone else….Married women pls leave single guys for us o lol….Lilian never loved Ubi, I just pity the guy sha…hmm

    • u right dear these ladies who run after their Ex at a point might have been given the opportunity by their ex to come back but becos of pride n wat pple wil say ….quote I cant come bck to my vomit…yet this vomit is very sweet y pretend and marry someone else u got no feelings for. marriage is complicated u have to seek mr right b4 saying I do. nor be competition to 1st marry but above all love and patience and understanding is very important in marriage.

  9. Lilian calm down the best is that the man loves you so take it easy gradually u will get used to him God will plant love in your heart for him.. Learn to understand him know that there is no ideal husband any where..

  10. It seems she didn’t accept his proposal from the depth of her heart. That’s why it’s good to be with someone you love. It’s not good people forcing themselves to be loved by a woman. That’s what I understood from this news. Ubi is like, desperate to marry Lillian who didn’t love him equally


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