Nigerian activist Che Oyinatumba took to his Facebook page to share photos of an interesting meal he had.

The meal was so exceptional that he couldn’t help but acknowledge the blessings of Africa.

We can’t say if it’s recession that has gotten the best of this gentleman or if this indeed is a dish enjoyed by people of his town, but we can say it’s a cuisine we’re not brave enough to try anything time soon.

Though he calls it Abakiliki rice, we’re okay with it cause it has ‘rice’ in it, but what we’re overly stunned at is his ‘encouragement’ for his Abakiliki rice… Exotic, ladies & gentlemen, take note… “Exotic” Lizard is what is his ‘encouragement’ for this meal.

He literally has a Lizard, which looks roasted btw, in his plate! What a real wawu… He captioned the photos:

A bowl of Abakiliki rice, served with exotic lizard meat and washed down with nkwu ocha!!
Africa is blessed!!!

Photos below:

Nigerian Activist

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