Awucha Ezekiel acquires

Massive congratulations are in order for a young Nigerian blogger, Awucha Ezekiel, as he acquires a multi-million naira mansion at the age of 27.

Awucha, who is a loving husband and father of two adorable daughters, took to his Facebook page to show off his new luxury home.

Awucha Ezekiel acquires

Reflecting on his journey, he stated that he faced a lot of challenges in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and things were so difficult that he could barely feed his family.

Thankfully, things took a positive turn for him in 2021 and he now boasts a collection of cars and, most recently, has acquired a multi-million naira mansion.

Awucha Ezekiel acquires

According to him, owning a house still feels like a dream to him but he knows this is just the beginning of his good fortune.

He said in part,

“I faced a lot of difficulties in the year 2020. During the pandemic, things were so difficult that I found it hard to feed my family, from 2020 to mid 2021 was a whole rocky journey but today I own a fleet of cars and I just recently acquired a multi million naira mansion.

It feels like a dream but I know this is just the beginning as I look forward to owing multiple businesses and properties.

I was able to achieve all these with Google Adsense all at the age of 27.”

Watch videos of the house below,

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