nigerian burn survivor shares inspiring story

A Nigerian burn survivor and graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Kay Obum, has taken to social media to share his Inspiring story.

He also celebrated a fellow survivor and support system, Chizzy Francess, who has also been featured on LIB.

He wrote:

Now, I get lots of requests,
Lots of God bless you,
Lots of this n that cos I decided to go viral on my list with my one through friend Chizzy Francess.
You don’t know the pains of burns if you don’t feel it.
Am not bringing back those memories but we are product of grace.
The burial grounds couldn’t hold us.
And were too young to be forgotten and too rare to be ignored.
Now my dear always know that you are important and blessed.
“My mama use to say ” don’t loose faith your life is in the hands of God, he neither sleeps nor slumber.
Bottom line: its not easy living a regular life with irregular scars.
We are human we feel demoralized too.
We feel incomplete too.
But we have no choice than to survive.
Lest I forget ( come take plantain)

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nigerian burn survivor shares inspiring story

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