A video of a Nigerian couple in their beautiful wedding attire has gone viral online as many couldn’t help but admire their ensemble.

The couple captured in a video posted on TikTok were seen at their wedding wearing outfits made from the traditional Igbo Isi Agu fabric, instead of the suit and white wedding gown commonly worn during church weddings.

The groom wore a top sewed with matching Isi Agu fabric as the bride’s gown, the gown was sewn to look like a traditional white wedding gown, complete with a veil.

The video shared by a TikTok user has gone viral, with many netizens commenting on the uniqueness of their attire. They praised them for breaking the norm and wearing something they could afford.

Read some comments here;

@Maya and Co Very organized and orderly than una favorite 🤩 crowded disorganized come together in the name of weeding

@gloharry Dem marry abi dem nor marry? God bless your home.

@Evil Nengi🦋 life no hard na you won wear wedding grown 😂😂💔

@Humbledora8 how many husbands?🤣 congratulations to you am not tapping 😂

@Derah very beautiful

@FEBECHUKWU Make this style no finish make I do am 😂😂

@Last daughter 🌹🦋 Life no hard na wan impress the world 😫

@George🥷🏻| Nursing Student🩺 2 in 1 trad and white wedding❤️

@favy❣️❣️💍💍🔐🔓 shey Dem don marry?? make the single dey laugh

@cynthiachiamaka40 😩😩😩😩😩😂😂😂 Na were their money reach na abi make them go tiff

Watch the video here;

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