A medical Doctor, Dr Aisha has taken to social media to publicly condemn exam malpractice while giving reasons why it is not fair.

Nigerian Doctor says

Dr Aisha lamented over the high rate of exam malpractices in the West African Examination Council Exam, WAEC, exam papers leaking and level of unseriousness among the youths with regards to studying hard.

According to her, it is not fair for people to cheat in WAEC exams only for them to end up studying to become medical doctors knoing fully well they did not merit the course of study or profession.

“WAEC of those days is different from nowadays, expo everywhere, our younger generation no longer read like the way we use to do back then, It’s not fair for someone who cheat in his Waec to be a medical doctor…. I am proud because i don’t cheat.” she said.



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