Dan Yomi rejoices

Dan Yomi, a Nigerian LGBTQ activist residing in the UK, has shared his overwhelming joy after his mother finally accepted his sexuality.

Taking to the microblogging platform X, Yomi revealed that his relationship with his mother has been strained for five years since he came out as a gay man.

However, he was super elated when his mother called him to say she accepts his sexuality and no longer cares about people’s judgments.

Dan Yomi rejoices

Yomi, who was previously a youth pastor before coming out as gay in October 2018, further urged parents of queer children to be more understanding and accepting of their kids.

He tweeted,

“My mum finally accepted me guys. I’m crying!

She said she no longer cares about what people say and that she’ll follow me wherever I go ..that I’m her son 😭

Over 5 years of not having her in my life hasn’t been easy ngl. Love & appreciate my chosen queer family, bf & friends but there are days the only person I want to speak to or bounce ideas off of is my Nigerian mother.

Homophobia is truly a bast*rd & parents of queer children really need to do better pls. We shouldn’t have to choose btw our happiness/mental health & a healthy relationship with you ❤️🌈”

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