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“I went from being a millionaire in dollars to zeronaire in naira” – Former Boxer Bash Ali Reflects On His Life As He Celebrates His 68th Birthday

Renowned boxer Bash Ali is taking a moment to reflect on his life as he commemorates his 68th birthday.


In a heartfelt Facebook post, the boxing legend opens up about the challenges he has faced and the losses he has endured due to his stand against corruption.

Bash Ali reveals that for 17 years, he has been tirelessly striving to host his Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight in his home country of Nigeria.

However, his refusal to succumb to corruption in sports and society as a whole has cost him greatly.

The former millionaire, who once possessed wealth in dollars, now finds himself without financial stability, referring to himself as a “zeronaire” in the local currency, the naira.

Moreover, his stance against corruption has resulted in physical injuries and numerous detentions, including a 43-day confinement at Kuje Prison.

Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, he remains resolute in his dream to fight in Nigeria and his unwavering support for his country.

He shares his determination to continue his fight until the age of 70, and to retire with good health and wealth, and ultimately aspire to become the President of Nigeria.

As Bash Ali celebrates his birthday, fans and followers alike have flooded his post with well wishes.

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