A Nigerian groom, identified as Ifeanyi Anthony Ajufoh, has warmed the hearts of many social media users after he went all out to appreciate his aunt on his wedding day.

Nigerian groom goes

According to the life coach, when all hope seemed lost for him and his brother, his aunt flew him to the United States of America and gave him a fresh start at life. Now, God has blessed him with a house of his own and other numerous blessing.

Nigerian groom goes

Anthony, in the video he shared on his page, was overwhelmed with gratitude for his aunt and laid down flat on the floor to appreciate her for changing his life.

He captioned the post,

“When all hope was lost after my university, the Landlord sold the house while my brother and I were still in it, I was sick and tired of asthma attack, sleep apnea, depression, pain of heart break, and ministerial betrayal. Mrs. Joy Babatunde and Mr. Bright Babatunde took it upon themselves to give my life a fresh start and brought me to the United States of America. Today, I am a home owner and have experienced many forms of blessings. I can’t forget my aunt’s words, she told me to pay it forward. She planted a tree but it turned into a forest. I can’t thank my family enough. They made me believe that love has a touch.

In life, learn to impact people. They are the greatest investment you can make for a generation yet unborn.”

Watch the video below,

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