A video that’s currently trending online shows the moment a Nigerian guy took to assaulting his girlfriend after she turned down his marriage proposal.

As at the time of filing this report, the identity of the couple is yet to be known and a lot of people have suggested that the whole thingy is staged.

Nigerian guy beats girlfriend

In the video, the Nigerian guy assaulted his girlfriend after she’s heard saying ‘I can’t accept your proposal, I don’t want to marry you’.

Reacting to her response, the guy then took to hitting her before he was separated from her after which he’s heard saying ‘after everything’.

Watch the video below,



  1. Dis is why I don’t really put a gal I love in my mind so much, like she loved me so much because u don’t no her mind and people she is seeing out side Dy relationship that might one day get married to but not u,so guys pls stop violence with u partner, just enjoy dat moment u guys are sharing and stop thinking she is yours cus it just be ur turn o so don’t claim it…… ladies pls stop making guys dat really love y feel dat they are in their final destination wen u no dat u are just their bus stop and the journey of love is still continuing


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