Diji Embarassed11

After reading the tweets, you could possibly get enraged over the whole thing that happened to actor, filmmaker Diji Aderogba in a Nigerian bank.

The gentleman was bullied to standing up from where he was seated from a bank’s security man, to tellers at the bank, to the bank manager and even some customers.

He was reduced to nothing all because he refused to give up his chair so that a white young man like him can sit down.

Follow the thread below:

Diji Embarassed

Diji Embarassed1

Diji Embarassed2

Diji Embarassed3

Diji Embarassed4

Diji Embarassed5

Diji Embarassed6

Diji Embarassed7

Diji Embarassed8

Diji Embarassed9

Diji Embarassed10


  1. I wish I was there with U, if u no fit act walahi I go do ur actions join my own. In fact mine will b worse cos I will blast d everyone and also say it to d white man that I am not a slave in my country. Black people, black brain, poverty had made us lost our senses

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