A Nigerian journalist has been left stunned at how a Nigerian man who is based abroad, treats his wife who is residing in Nigeria.

The tweep in a tweet expressed shock that in this day and time, a married woman is being treated poorly and like a child by her husband based abroad.

Posting via his Twitter handle, the tweep wrote,

“Still cannot wrap my head around the story that, in 2022, a woman is married to a man who is based abroad. She lives with her mother in law. He seized her mobile phone (cos of ‘boys’) When he wants to communicate, he calls his mother and she gives the phone to the wife. 2022!”

In other news, a viral video shows a newlywed man tackling his wife for working on her laptop during their honeymoon.

Apparently, the man and his wife had just tied the knot and were on their honeymoon. However, rather than being all cozy with her husband and enjoying the moment, the woman was spotted working on her laptop in the trending clip.

The husband, who appeared to be struggling to get his wife’s attention as she was engrossed with her work, asked why she would be working while on honeymoon.

As he filmed her, he tackled her for taking her job seriously while insisting that they should be making babies on their honeymoon.

The husband, who was behind the camera, said he was making the video so he could send it to his mother-in-law to show her what her daughter was doing during their honeymoon instead of spending time with him. Watch the video here


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