A pretty young and vibrant Nigerian lady, Ms Chideraa Njoku has broken a record in Indian university – Chideraa, 22, who hails from Mbaise in Imo state has shattered academic records in Pharmacy in Indian Subharti University.

Nigerian lady breaks record

Ms Njoku came on top of her class with first class honours and has been awarded a gold medal for her academic excellence and a scholarship for her onward doctorate degree by the University.

Her parents, Mr Joe & Mrs Happiness Njoku Udorly took their daughter to study overseas due to lack of continuity in the Nigerian system of education and the poor regulatory system of Nigeria Universities commission.

Nigerian lady breaks record

Ms Njoku`s great accomplishment comes at the wake of the current Nigerian government`s reckless statement that Nigerian doctors are free to leave Nigeria.



  1. A very great acheivement to be the first person to break the university records ever since it has been established

  2. MBA 5 the great. Really you’ve made the entire people of Mbaise & Nigeria proud. More greese to your elbow. Bravo!

  3. My sister ooo, thanks for making me especially proud, hoping forward to be like you…to achieve such a great success… congrats dearest

  4. So, so happy for you my dear, may God continue to add more colourful feathers to you cap,… Congratulations my Igbo sister…#abike dabri take note#… Igbo lady not Nigerian lady.

  5. This is just one uni in India.. other Nigerians in India have been doing great… my kid bro bagged a first class with distinction in same pharmacy (SRM university in same India)

  6. Why must people attach success to tribe, i am happy that she achieved that with God as her guide that grant her good health to conduct her examinations successfully with out health challenge. Hausa’s ,yoruba’s and other tribes too achieved this or more but a hidden success, Thanks to her parents for using there resources to produce a pharmasist for the humanity and not the country alone. I pray to God to grant her d wisdom to use the certificate in serving Him and his creatures.


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