A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to let people know that it’s not just couples in a romantic relationship that suffer domestic violence but siblings do too.

She took to her page to reveal how some days back, her male cousins, aged, 26 and 24 assaulted her just because of food. Sharing a photo and videos, she wrote on her page,

I have been reading people’s story on domestic violence. I want y’all to know that it doesn’t just happen between romantic partners. It also happens between siblings too
and I’m hoping this reaches the proper channel just as much as every other person’s story does

The picture attached to the previous tweets are my cousins of Age 26 and 24 years holding me and beating me up this morning because of food. Yesterday, it was because of money that was stolen in the house.

This was yesterday when one of them carried stick saying they he was going to use as example

This was them beating, us again. Yesterday, it was I, my mum and my sister. Today it was me and my sister. One of them pinned me down and was throwing punches.

This isn’t the 1st time not even the 5th time they’ve beaten I and my sis before for over stupid stuffs. We’ve been quiet about the abuse for years for family sake but I’ve had it to the brim today. Enough is Enough. He makes life threatening threats all the time.

When I mention taking it up, they’d laugh and say we can’t do anything! Please dear Nigerians, I really want them to know this act is insane and has to stop! There are every other people these people have abused in their house and they always go Scot free with it. I’m DONE!!!

She then went on to share their face,

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