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There’s an ongoing drama on Facebook between two members of a group.

It all started when a lady accused a guy of being into money rituals as the money he shared during his numerous give away on the group was taken to her Pastor and her Pastor told her to return the money to the owner that the money is soaked in blood.

According to the lady who goes by the name Nwachukwu Jennifer Nazzy on Facebook, she approached the guy named Firstson Kings Kings on Facebook telling him about what her pastor said and the urgency of returning the said 10 thousand he shared.

The guy called her out in the group threatening legal action against her and her Pastor whom he called “fake”

See his post:

This bitch plays underground to get this the first post deleted
But I dare her to influence it again while I still remain the king of this Yabaleft
Who ever knows her bitch Nwachukwu Jennifer Nazzy should just tell her that am coming for her and her fraudulent pastor with my legal action
And I repeat if she don’t leave this Yabaleft for me I will leave for her and drop the kingship tonight
Let her just know she has cross my lane and I can be radical on that.. Let her visit my timeline once again and see for herself.

If this post is deleted again I wouldn’t be OK with the admin. I am a king of this YabaLeft and am entitle to post a screenshot.

See screenshots below;

The call out post attracted over 2k comments with many people berating the guy for calling the girl out and some other putting up their account numbers asking for the 10 thousand Naira to be sent to their account.

See replies:


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