Nigerian lady receives accolades for taking precautions as she covers herself while dressing in her man’s house in order to avoid her leaked nude video.

In a video captured by her partner, the man could be heard in the background questioning the lady on why she often dresses covered in his house.

He wrote,

“She does this everytime, but then I understand”

Responding to him, the lady, who was dressing up with a duvet covering her entire body stated that she was being careful to avoid her leaked nude tape on social media.

The man jokingly mentioned that she feared the news of becoming the victim of a leaked nude tape being mistakenly shared online by her boyfriend.

In spite of her cautiousness, the man was intentionally recording her as she dressed up while having a conversation with the lady.

With no regard, netizens berated the lady’s partner for filming her in the process even though she was covered up. Viewers suggest that the man is capable of disclosing her nude tape if he can record her while dressing.

Many concur with the lady’s sense of morality, commending her for being careful around her man, speculating that she is aware of the man’s unruly behaviour.

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