A young Nigerian lady couldn’t contain her joy and went wild in excitement after her boyfriend posted her on his WhatsApp status for the first time.

The lady was completely taken aback when her boyfriend shared a loved-up photo of them on his WhatsApp status.

It’s said that this is the first time he will be posting her on social media since they started dating, hence the excitement.

A viral video of the lady’s hysterical reaction to realizing that her partner had shared their photo on his status shows her jumping and yelling in delight.

The ecstatic lady, unable to control her joy, immediately showed the phone to her friend.

Watch video below,

In other news, US-based Nigerian professor, Uju Anya, and her lesbian lover, Sirry Alang, have gotten netizens on a chokehold after professing their love for each other on Twitter.

Uju Anya became a viral sensation after she posted a controversial tweet about the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, wishing her an ‘excruciating’ death.

The academician, who is proudly gay and seizes every opportunity to express love for her lesbian partner, has once again expressed admiration for her.

Her lesbian lover, Sirry, took to Twitter to share her favorite photo of them, accompanied with a love poem by African-American write, Audre Lorde.

Uju was highly impressed by her partner’s public display of affection and reciprocated the energy by gushing over Sirry in the comment section.

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