Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Nigerian lady narrates her hilarious encounter with a cute guy she met via Facebook


Hahah.. Guys, this story made my day.


A Nigerian Twitter user, @Shugarcoated (she’s changed her handle) got chatting with a cute guy on Facebook.. and they decided to hook up. They eventually met, had a nice date, but it was already late, so she had to crash at the guy’s place.

But then, what happened?



Read the series of tweets below:






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  1. Diana Okpere says:

    That’s ur business story of ur life

  2. who same u go.. Mumu

  3. Arrant Nonsense!

  4. Iquo Esua says:

    U get luck say e no force u.how can u pass d night in a house u barely know d person jst bcos una dey chart for Facebook.mtcheeeeeew

    • Esua or Jacob…. Do you know where u will meet your spouse

    • Iquo Esua says:

      Guess she met hers by sharing dis story!

    • Yaba Yaba Yaba

    • It was late na and she couldnt go that night. Why being so judgemental

    • I accept one can get into an interesting chat and loose track of time but believe me if she really wanted to go that night knowing her place was far as she said,she would have been More conscious of time. This guy is a total stranger she met on Fb where a lot of guys ain’t what they claim to be,she should have been scared for her life.. U don’t give a man green light then act like gentle jack when he responds.. Onyinye Monday
      Emmanuel Withus

    • She couldn’t go because she no get money. Which gentle guy go still remain gentle with a girl that cheap is smelling all over her?
      U have to earn respect if u really wanna be respected

  5. Super story. GO TO WAP

  6. Story for the ghost…….my sister hardly you see a faith and trust worthy man that can u home without a selfish interest …..even me am not exempted……

  7. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew

  8. Ola Isaac says:

    I am hungry please

  9. Pretender ! How can you crashed in a stranger’s house and you expect he will not raise your gown up. Even if this guy don’t do it,you would have called him an impotent.

  10. Prince Vic says:


  11. Isu John says:

    My dear 4get all dis FB frnd’s 4 me all of them na wash!

  12. This one na free osho, so you go give me small ooooo

  13. Esiobu Ebere says:

    Hmmm u self, u c ur life de man u mat for first time turu Facebook, are u mad hmmmm dis is foolishness. U need to give u 10 strokes if kain. He even Mercy for u.

  14. Lol na ur business

  15. Very funny

  16. Ceo Chiebuka says:

    Make up artist..

  17. Erin keke for u.. u beta go do tnx giving for church..
    1. He no rape u
    2. His not a ritualist u for done dey dance makosa for grave after he done cut yaa two oranges n threw ya dead body for street shior…just dnt knw wen we ladies we learn…oluwa wa..

    • Bruh dnt mind d yeye fellow of lady…. small tym we start saying man are wicked knowing fully well some ladies got no sense @ all n dem still over d head wif lace wig or Brazilian hair…hmmm

  18. Lol Superstory

  19. If na cucumber now u go accept am sharp sharp..

  20. You are crazy sha.. God just safe you

  21. so u expected him to gv u transport when u didn’t gv him wat he requested for. u try well well ok. u think u are smart

  22. Come are you still a learner????for this kind world??isorite..

  23. U should thank baba GOD say nobe ritualist hand u enter,u re talking of begging for tp

  24. what were you expecting why crashing at his place late at night?, u forget say conji na devil?, honestly he is cool if not,you could have be a victim of rape.shine your eyes next time, I pity u if you jam warri guys!

  25. Ade Sandra says:

    U made mistaken, 4 u to stay long with him when u know dat u re going back home.

  26. Angel Che says:

    Nonsense. ..so you left your house without transport thinking he will give you money to go back home free of charge. You even spent night with a man you barely know. .you’re lucky he didn’t use you for ritual. ..If I meet your kind of person on the road begging for T-fare..hmmm sister you go walk across red see. ..yeye dey smell

    • Wickedness dey smell

    • Cj Jj says:

      Mumu.read d story.she said she had 2k in her bag but d guy took it….

    • Sussy Anita says:

      Open d link and read very well oh

    • Must u call someone names inorder to correct him.

    • Hahahahaha I no fit Laff. U wicked o ….Talking like a discipline mother anyway.

    • Angel Che says:

      Cj Jj basket mouth. ..your name sounds like a barking dog. .ode..Sussy Anita. Thanks, The headline is annoying so I didn’t bother to open it because more trash will be in there

    • she said d guy took her money inside her wallet

    • Why did she slept in the guy’s house, only me can be so nice to the core and girls don’t like it. Only baddoo they deserved,


    • Abagi Udoo says:

      How can i get the full story pls some body help me out abege

    • Hmmm ooo, correctionist??????????

    • She didnt even read the link, but so fast to comment. Anyways the bottom~line is that guys one meet on social media about 90% of them are randy guys hunting for sex only.

    • Angel Che says:

      Bimbo Crown Odususi…if you can read so well,..you would have seen where I replied someone that I didn’t open the link because more trash will be in there. …if she didn’t spend night there, the guy won’t have stolen her 2k…English master …well, learn to reason well..

    • Oluwa Sonap says:

      What if a guy finds a girl home he met on social media????

    • Na wickedness make u so slim idiot

    • Angel Che says:

      Onyinye Monday…..you that open the link before commenting, do you jump into a guy’s bathroom on a first date??..if she didn’t spend night there, the guy won’t have stolen her money. ..

    • :-):-)smiling in Czech

    • #Angel Che, it could have happened to anyone! dont ever think you are so careful. If the guy meant well, he would have simply seen her as a friend and there will certainly be a next time for them and sex will follow suit.

    • The babe, na fool how can she agreed to sleep over in d guys house. What she looking for? Or should I say, what was she thinking .

    • Angel Che says:

      Nnamdi Young Erengs….if you’re not jobless, you won’t spy on my profile to know if am slim or not…if you are not an empty brain , you will also know that people pay through their nose to get slim figure. ..so your statement is so out of point. ..think of something else to comment. ..

    • The babe was with 2k but the guy stole it

    • Angel Che says:

      Momodu Aminat Natasal…the guy stole her 2k..yes!! That’s for accommodating her for the night. .good for her..why jumping into his bathroom on a first date, use his water, soup etc. .she’s lucky

    • Ha! ha! ha! this #Angel girl sef, you be witch ni? chio

    • Angel che…. U are really funny this is not how to jugde no body is insulting u.. pls let all know how to talk especially on socal media many pal are reading

    • All the nice people you know today were once strangers who didnt take advantage of you. Haba!

    • Angel the man was just been stupid and a goat come here to civilized and develop country a girl can sleep in ur house for 3 dates torch her na jail u go collect ur bachelor, MSC and PH.D u people should stop encouraging madness na so Nigeria spoil reach dat we even lost trust even if the 2k part of d story na lie the guy should have call a runs girl if hin dick dey scratch am foolish guys want good things on a platform of gold, foolish him if he was gentle and nice he could have got d sex on a second date because women have soft heart the fact that he was gentle on a first date would have broken her defence stupid guy I dnt in anyway blame d young lady she surely did not deserve the treatment

    • Madam I dont blame the girl so please let’s not put the blame on her because the same thing almost happened to me some days ago but in my own case I was lucky because I could still get a cab. What if she could not get a cab since it was already late?

    • Angel Che says:

      Benjamin Olawale…you’re a through son of your father. .and responsible too…Thanks for your comment

    • Flora Adogun says:

      @Angel che Always read full story,if u can’t read d full story,don’t bother to comment.

    • Osagie Osas says:

      The guy didn’t force her to sleep at his place. She agreed to like an adult. With all the warnings about meeting up with people you meet on social media, she still decided to sleep at his place. Na she know wetin she dey find. She’s just lucky. All the ladies calling the guy names, just make sure u don’t make foolish decisions like her. Urs maybe worse. There are lots of ritualists out there. There are maniacs out dr. The guy could be a beast but she is a foolish prey

    • Some people can be shellfish ooh how can you insult somebody because of fb comment you comment your own and let others comment their own must you people trow insults on someone because fb things please it get as it be that’s very bad of you guys.

    • Ummi Aysha says:

      She thank God he didn’t use her for ritual

    • Hahaha

    • How could you come to someone house,slept,he asked for sex or blow job and you turned his request down?
      Did you think you were with gay?
      I am sorry for all these stupid boys that are upholding the girl,they have forgotten that blood flow in their veins. .
      When you’re with a girl on the same bed,your body will be hotter than fire.When someone’s body is on fire and water is close to you, will you say no and refuse to use it to quench the fire?
      Lemme tell you guys all of you supporting the stupid girl that declined to feed the boy are gay….

    • u b better person since na only red eye u go use for me I go tell u to giv me o so u go knw say givers never lack

    • my dear go back and read the whole story again miss righteous and stop jumping into conclusion

    • The guy is too good…I guess he’s a gentleman for not forcing to have his way. I know in her private time, she’ll sleep over it, why he behaved that way but didn’t force her. She’ll go back to apologize, possibly the guy will apologize too. Then what didn’t happen will happen. No be say na experience o..but na fact

    • Na out of experience joooor

    • Let’s call a spade a spade..forget d fact d guy stole her money.why would she spend d night with a guy she’s meeting for d first time?
      Wat was she doing till it was late dat she couldn’t go home?
      She was so lucky dat it was not a ritual case if her ghost would b saying trash now dat d guy didn’t give her Tfare.

      And for d guy dat meet a lady in a day and want to spend d night and get down with her…”forming sharp guy”
      Wat if d lady was a demon?

      Dis generation ehnn! D way we behave at times.hmmm!..may God help us ni oo

    • @Momodu Aminat Natasal she ate his food an drinks she refused to settle him, with her ass he decided to take his money back.

    • Smart Zarmo says:

      Benjamin Olawale your head de ur neck. ✌?

    • Smart Zarmo says:

      In the church oo, fb oo, ur guy or gf can come from anywhere. The guy is just being stupid. I rest my case.

    • Please stop judging her,the guy stole her money,perhaps you can find love anywhere but we just pray we dnt meet the wrong pple

    • Ogechi Sunny says:

      Angel is say the truth

    • I only blame her for going out without money with her!gosh.now see de result, dem tell her say na all when claim gentle be real gentle?abi na any when wear suit dey responsible

    • Don’t mind her

    • You are so dumb

    • Abeg tell am

    • Uche Ibeji says:

      my take is simple , something made her agree to the date, something made her stay late, something made her agree to sleep over, she hasn’t told us that something, the story of stealing her money , na tori, she’s trying not to be termed cheap. and besides why are we judging by one side of the story? I’m sure if we hear the guys side we all won’t be to fast to conclude. this is similar to tinubus wife accusing one male senator like this , until we heard the mans side. so I beg let’s not judge anyone untill we hear both sides. my advice to the ladies please majority of you think guys have no brains and can be played, I suggest you tread carefully before you start playing your games , guys are egotistical beings once you tamper with their egos they become unpredictable, so date a guy and play safe, don’t lead him on and please go home on time, if you happen to want to commit , please play safe, otherwise you’d be crying about rejected unwanted pregnancies next.

    • Why wud you even play game in the first place….it’s high time we girls separated what’s important from what’s not.

    • Seg G Ade says:

      #Che.. U wicked oh

    • Angel Che madam fast finger wen u go on a date and it’s late to get back to were you stay dere are sum areas no matter how safe u can’t go back to for safety you will be forced to spend d nite dere so don’t blame her. And wereas u talking as if u her holy dan her.

    • Some pple b forming holier Dan thou. Benjamin olewale said it all. We ladies are soft ,a lady going to ur haus n sleepn there on d first date doesn’t mean she wants seX.from her story d guy acted like a. Gentle man initially which may ve made her feel relaxed wif him. If he had played his cards well,mayb d lady wud ve given in on a second date. We women sef d tin no dey bitter us,we dey only want dey careful who we dey gv our body to.unlike men who see seX as simply pleasure. Luv can come frm anywhere at anytime. Alot of pple ve met on social media and are happily married today. D gguy sef want jst do sharp sharp chop clean mouth. Bt Tnk God say d guy no force am. Or use her do money.

    • Smart Zarmo says:

      I wish to find my swit on fb sef

    • Dorcas nobody is talking about holy here because isn’t Angel that sent her dating journey like I said before don’t abuse anybody because of fb comments.

    • Romeo Chucks says:

      Just imagine

  27. Vivia Akama says:

    Vex money

  28. Before crashing in his house, what were you expecting, choir rehearsal or night vigil

  29. Lolz!!!!, funny u.

  30. u were on date till keke, okada,taxi close ba?you never talk your plan.mumuu?

  31. Some girls can b so stupid

  32. U are even lucky he did not rape u ass hole

  33. Thank your God that he didn’t rape you why should you follow him home when you don’t want to be screwed go and report yourself to your Dad for appropriate punishment.

  34. In case of next time! Don’t spend more than an hour on a first date,if its already late postpone it.and very sternly always go with little extra cash on you.even if he is you bf cos anything can change. If you don’t have any cash on you please stay home and stay safe!

  35. this has happened to almost every girl even if they won’t agree

  36. Next time when ur goin for something like this u will carry ur atm card so u wont trek

  37. U beta go church go do thanksgiving
    There are many pple out dere ready to destroy lives..D guy calm sha, No rape! No ritual!.

  38. Hmmmm you were lucky he didn’t force himself on you just that you’d to beg for money before you went home good for you…when you left your house to go on a date with a stranger and ended up sleeping in his house then something wanna happen you were like i didn’t come here for this noooo…You came to watch zee world, gone are the days men do control their lust nowadays the only care about their selfish urge for sex mtcheeew…

  39. Hahaha….buh how can u spend a nyt in a stranger’s house na bebe…lolss..u get luck say d guy na gentle man..he dint harm or hurt u…infact…he’s a nice dude
    .lols…buh pls dont try such nxt time ..be careful. .evil too much nowadays. .

  40. Bernard Ousk says:

    Is it a news, confession or story?

  41. My dear tank ur stars dat he was cool wit u….wetin u been dy tink b4? u tink say he go dy watch u like tv? ThankGOD u cam out 4rm d other room unhurt..wat if he had taken u 2 d inner room???

  42. O'tutu NU says:

    Wetting you eat ontop the date?

  43. Foolish gal…… ur no1 mistake is leaving ur parent hux to see a guy .
    No2 u left ur hux without money
    No3 u even went to his hux
    No4 you dnt av shame . d fact u post dis online u are already a disgrace to women . Mumu girl

  44. Kofi Mensah says:

    Sounds so stupid,, why African ladies always depends on men for money

  45. Tank ur ★★★ he didnt rape u

  46. Rita Gabriel says:

    for.ur mind u b dey expect tnks 4 comin cash gift.even Rev.father self go nearly rap u nt to talk of. my sis ur lucky. nxt tim tim wen u meet person 4 2go foolishly go sleep 4 him hous again dat tim na RIP.u b mumu buhari family

  47. Ernest Idoko says:


  48. Kofi Mensah says:

    Silly stories like shouldn’t be post on social media

  49. Uchenna Kalu says:

    Wale Adenuga Production (WAP). We are nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator.

    Next time on your award winning….

  50. Na Wetin u wan see u get now, thank ur creator he didn’t use u for something else

  51. OK

  52. Anita Akuta says:

    Nawao oo, meeting a guy for 1st time , someone u met on facebook for that matter, followed him home even to sleep, u get liver shaa! U were lucky he didn’t use u for rituals not to think of transportation, should incase of next time , carry ur money or hold ur ATM . And don’t even try to sleep over till u actually know his kind of person on several dates.

  53. Tony Cag says:

    Lol you already planned to spend the night at his place nothing like it was getting dark.. the price is high before you take off your pants but after wards the value declines … moreover you can’t spend the night in a man’s house and expect him not to make some funny moves during the night …
    but you girls are funny , if he didn’t touch you you would call him a mugu , if he touches you you would say he is randy

  54. Raissa Ebu says:


  55. The Guy try self to allow u spent nite in his house

  56. I like that

  57. U dey very lucky, idiot wetin be expect money when u wan work. So u still think men be fools

  58. you sure say d guy nor do anything

  59. Hollar Jummy says:

    Fake story

  60. Hummm fearing, lucky you weren’t rape, a gentle man can become a beast when dey can’t hold themselves again, he lacks self control.

  61. Nino Brown says:

    Police: wat did he do?
    Girl: he rape me.
    Police: where?
    Girl: at his place.
    Police: room or palour?
    Girl: room.
    Police: nah for bed?
    Girl: yes.
    Police: u baf for him houz?
    Girl: yes.
    Police: eat and drink.
    Girl: yes
    Police: after bathing did u still wear ur cloths or his?
    Girl: his
    Police: call ur parents u are under arrest the moda of cucumber

  62. How I wish laughing has a dialect, I would have used the one u will understand to laugh at u.

  63. Victor Umeh says:

    U fuck up join. How u dey go out go see person u no know bfor, u no come carry transport moni go. E gud for u sha. Kpele

  64. Next tym hold vex money

  65. Lol….but u can help him spend his money,it came to ur turn to open ur legs u refused,babe..u are selfish and irresponsible.if i were d one ehn…..

  66. U are the bad one here because he’s also feeling duped !

  67. This small girl is just standing us all she had sex with the guy she’s just lying sometimes ago a girl slept in a guy house and she told us the guy didn’t have sex with her few months later she came back saying she’s pregnant hahahahaha so much lies on Facebook book this days when a lot of girls are so so so loose

  68. Edith Orji says:

    That man is a real gentleman my sister for allowing u to sleep in his house after making his move and u refused he kept calm just go and be thanking God because some men would’ve forced u and nothing will happen u are passing the night at his place. Another thing is how can u leave ur house without any money on u? It’s very wrong pls don’t try it next time

  69. Bright Eka says:

    See me see trouble.. Women Una no wan learn??? U were follow man go house, u even sleep for the house what did you expect???? Tank your God that he is a cool guy like my snr brother..

  70. Una won finish dis lady self

  71. Story story, story.

  72. What’s tripping me more here is ladies comments, i can’t believe they’re faulting her, for her to keep late night and not be able to make it back home means they’ve had a great time and the guy must have been drunk and it’s him that facilitated the outing and trust the outcome of drunkenness, she’s very lucky to have left the guy’s house only without transport fare,What a very stupid girl.

  73. No, you want a prayer session when you crashed in his house. You are lucky, next ime you will beg for cloths to wear to go home. Excuse me with this dumb post.

  74. They call it vexing moin

  75. So u decided to crash at his place as a mechanic workshop abi. Get ready for ur texmoni at ometara bulu mission church.

  76. You see, that’s why I keep telling all ladies to always leave their house with vex money (emergency money)

  77. Surfer b ur name #parole girl family#

  78. Mutherfucker

  79. o! u even enter the lion’s den kwa!!!!

  80. Story for the gods… That serves you right

  81. U are funny sef… U dey date person for fb. U are lucky he did not use u for ritual . how can u go and visit some u don’t know.

  82. LOL!!!!!

  83. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeew yeye girl pls go for another date like dat

  84. Paul Nnaji says:

    i was expecting to hear fetish acts lik ritual killing which is in trend now but God turned d whole story to sound better to my ears.pls advice u,to kip kneeling down,thanking God 24/7 for saving ur life.Atleast u were lucky to succeed alive,while many dt hv done such were already 9fts beneath ground.

  85. Shit’s happen somtimes

  86. Hannah Odaro says:

    What were you doing till late hour? Thank God say no be ritualist wey go cut your head, nonsense.

  87. yeye schild,u left ur ouse to wherever he z staying,u even pass a nyt,he was now lifting ur dress up and u respond ‘u ar not here for that’
    my dear,she u kan charge phone ni!
    my dear, pack ur loads,u nid to go&spend three days in celestial ⛪

  88. Babe if na me u go walk home that night of ur refusal

  89. He is A Beast

  90. but frankly speaking the guy know try atall, s*x shouldn’t be the main subject at that same hour. that’s how u know a responsible girl, other girls will just open their legs like jet lee

    • If you were in this guys shoes, will u be a gentle man as your comment implies. You don’t give a man green light and end up forming Bruce Lee for him. Let’s not lead ourselves into temptation so we can be bold to ask God to forgive us our trespasses.. Shikena

    • Anita if I’m in his shoes? no be the same size we dey wear na shooo.

  91. Lucky U! Atleast, He left ur face in peace. Lesson 4 u and ur generation.

  92. Nigeria girls will visit u with dere bags. Inside d bag u’ll find cloth,make up kits,pants,chewing gum and all dey need 2 take care of themselves except transport fare. Ladies y? Pls close ur eyes let us pray.

    • ????

    • Hahahaha i will join the prayer section even though i am a guy. …All of them need pray including you my dear,no exception. ..ladiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeesssss

    • not only one type of prayer,just mix prayers for dem,cos some of dem re just stupid

    • you have a girlfriend and a sister that is stupid, dnt forget

    • Hart treasure. My girlfriend dnt do shit. That is stupid.

    • treasure,all tru the time my sisters wia doing relationship tins,until now dey re happily married,the never slept outside our house,do u kwn wat it mean to sleep in a total stranger’s house,and u said d girl is not stupid,And mind u,i didnt generalize,dats why i said some girls,cos i hv come in contact with some girls dat do stupid tins

    • Am laughing seriously,… You funny …lol chewing gum

    • Oga stop carrying olosho n be yarning dust for here..its only dem that does that.

    • Lyk seriously?

    • Niyi Adedeji says:

      Find it ridiculous that she can even complain when she was to be giving thanks to God and the guy. If the animal in man had gotten out of the guy skin, she won’t have mouth to yarn us the story. Qho even know whether the guy even sample her. Girls should remeber that even in Freetown nothing is free. The guy na father Xmas? Even self before u see father Xmas u must pay for ticket, so she wanted to chop everything for free and nothing in return, ah ah baby, pity the poor guy na. Maybe the guy sef go borrow the money spent on u to prove a point and definately, everybody will be expecting prpfit on any investment made. So, urs is not different. So, next time be ready for show even if it’s day light and not night to crash. Gbam!

  93. Oluwa Sonap says:

    What if a guy finds a girl home he met on social media????

  94. You are aristo n he treated u the way u presented yourself

  95. Nxt time u should go wit transport fair even if u wana go see wizkid or davido……no mind d foolish guy na small pikin dey wori am!!!! Or if u check na 2010 him sex last hmmmm….i no blame am somehow lol!!!!!!

  96. Long throat, haahahaha

  97. Thank your stars you were not raped because you won’t have strength to be typing these epistle up there.. You sha need sense.

  98. Don’t always present your self cheaply, because the value of a thing sometimes depend on it price,he may think that is the way you respond quickly to everyone. If you were easily moved, why would he not demand for sex with the thought that you are sharing it.

  99. Always carry vex money, wen u re going on a date. Lolz. In my lecture voice you be fool!!!!! How can u go on a date and also agreed to sleep over. Lady you be fool o!!!!

  100. Nnanna Mimi says:

    tank u God he didn’t sleep wit u. bec u would ha go home empty handed.

  101. Henry Mbachu says:

    my dear there’s nothing like gentle man wen it comes to sex, since you know you don’t want that why do you have to spend the night in his house. rubbish

  102. Shawo, so you don’t have any man in your life before accepting male friend request on facebook.

  103. First of all….
    Secondly am not gonna condemn u because u met him first n spent d night in his house,, it do happen sometimes when u feel free with d person,, kinda trust them n feel safe in their hands but u know sometimes devil can work overtime. U should not hv stayed to long dat u cannot go home again…
    Thirdly u did well by not having anything to do with him n am happy he did not force u cos so many things re involve when having sex. Refusing him shows u value urself not minding what u re gonna pass through..
    Fourthly… Do not see d guy as d worst guy or a beast,, sex u see sometimes can change someone n it hard to control dats y d best way to avoid it is not to be with ur opposite sex in a hidden place,, GOD allowed dat to happen in other to use it as a lesson n warn u to cut down d way u go about seeing men if dats d kinda life u live…
    This serves as a warning n lessons to all dis Nigerian girls dat always believe in milking a man dry or too dependent on a man. When going with ur man or just a friend or when going on a visit always make sure u can provide for urself if d case changes,, if u don’t hv enough money with u,, do not go for dat outing or MK d trip even if d guy told u to b coming dat he will fix d bill.. Men like us will brag n made women expecting much from them n at d time to deliver they might disappear leaving u to beat it all n when u go out with a man on shopping,, if u RE picking or making order put urself in d shoes of dat guy cos some of these can also make a man leaving u helpless…..

  104. The guy is a beast why not allow the lady sleep in the room alone while he sleeps in the kitchen,toilet or bathroom

  105. hmmm ur lucky he did nt use u dat nyt 4 rituah,buh bae 2 be honest with u dat bad of u 2 go 2 a guy house u never meet before at nyt…atleast u have learn ur lesson now#u actually went 2 his house cos his handsome lyk u said. my sister ur too beauty 4 dis…

  106. Joy Anthony says:

    I don’t know y some men can’t control their self. Just for first date u want to sleep with her. Thank God she refuse. D guy disgust me. He is not a responsible man, just want to have his way on her mteeew. May God help we girls lo…

    • But madam what was are intentions as well sleeping over in sum1 house u are seeing for d very first tym,mind u madam we are just here saying tinzzz from diff perspective i av seen a geh saying guy no sabi for sleeping over at his place and not touching her….may God help us

    • Joy Anthony says:

      My dear Balogun Owolabi Barrack Owo I no girls do say something like that but in this case when d girl refused he collected her money. He he should have let her be nd see what will happen next time…

    • See ur mouth,d guy tried cs i knw d gal must av chopd in money one way or d oda”pls send me recharge card,i want t make my hair n shit”.D guy is gud self

    • Go and sleep my dear…u don’t have any sensible thing to say. ..i don’t slam and i don’t lambast people on social media but that comment is too beggarly. ..

    • Joy Anthony says:

      I believe u are one of them @ Jayflair Uwadiale. Yeyeeeee

  107. Funny comments tho….. Just here to read comments. Who’s with me ?

  108. Lolz there is nothing like gentleman is the guy a statue, u wey be long throat why u nor give am, u dey stingin u wan eat free food

  109. Audu Hassan says:

    Honestly, he’s a gentle guy, otherwise he for rape u. This is a lesson to all girls. Be careful

  110. Yu are a Hypocrite,cute guy,hook-up,date,late in the nite,sleep over and not ready for fuck or Bj…all these on first date…

    • All nah wash no mind her..the guy nah her senior brother? Girls will just give a man green like and also switch to black light like gentle jack when d guy responds..

  111. Ur a lucky girl in fact the guys is nice if not he would hv rape u by force tank ur star

  112. Chiny Okey says:

    Dax y i keep all social frnship on low key:: if u don’t like it:: i don’t argue: i use block button:

  113. Drazy Aveli says:


  114. U met a guy true fb, nd u went to his houz, without holding transport, girl u act like a fool…..first date for that matter

  115. If the guy didn’t touch you, u will call him an impotent or gay……. I think it’s better for a guy to touch and fuck up but not rape oo than to call him names…….. Like impotent and gay…….

  116. Ruth Agada says:

    Hmm some Ladies can never learn lesson upon everything that is happening dis days, I can’t even try that some one I hv not see before , hmm tank God for ur life, try to use ur number 6 next time, is not even encourage to go out wit someone u have not seen before.

  117. Attention weaker,nonsense

  118. Before deciding to keep a date with him that faithful day what did you expect, he still remains a good person bcos if he is a wolf he would have injured u very well and rape u.

  119. Ladies ee .. They like to apportion blames on someone, why did you go? Some of you would have done the same thing or had done already. Things happen so we can learn. One of my friends got married through social network but i don’t think it works out for everyone. Let’s learn from the story and even someone you meet on a date can still do a thing like that but the difference is that you can trek your life home not this begging things, I’m a wise girl oo before I go out on a date, I make sure I have extra cash maka adighi ama .. I don’t do social network relationship but if It works out for you, congratulations

    • My dear I met my husband here on Fb and have been married for 3years now and he’s just so adorable like u said it doesn’t go down well with everyone
      But going on a date with the guy is not my headache but sleeping over at d guys house with things happening in d world now is not acceptable. This guy in question is a total stranger and she just got to see him in person for d first time that same day,its really not wise to risk it cos a lot of people live a fake life on Fb..

  120. My dear some men are like that they look innocent buh lion inside just becareful should incase of next time so sorry for what happen to you…

  121. Make I come dey pity you see your mouth you clashed at his place for the night someone you haven’t met b4 and you want him to be staring at you okwa ya because you are his sister if na be that guy your yansh go dey lick b4 you go

  122. Hahahahah. Cock and bull story. How can you spend a night with a guy when you know you are not ready to submit? He even pity for you. Who knows the truth. You even have time to bath adding salt to an injury, abi you pulled your clothes in the bathroom?. Why didn’t you go on time than sleeping with him in the other room? And you think he won’t react even if he’s castigated. Abeg, let me come and be going

  123. The guy planned it perfectly…he made sure the date ended late so he could persuade this gullible babe searching for love to pass the night. The dumb babe is there getting angry at his behaviour while she should be thanking God her head isn’t hanging in a shrine or he didn’t force her to eat cucumber.
    Man…that babe is just dumb,upon wetin dey happen for naija,you still get mind dey sleep for stranger house.

    • Uluocha Gift says:

      Am telling u my frd so som gals still act foolish like dis ,der for use her head for money den snd d remaining change to her family members

    • She should be thanking her stars,I didn’t think there were still gullible and naive girls out there,she no sharp at all.

    • Uluocha Gift says:

      Hw she go leave her house witout tp haba even if u don’t hv borrow den whn u r bck u pay bck ,I remember one of my frd like dat she wnt to meet a guy she don’t no d nxt tin d guy ask her for sex at nite n she refuse d guy push her out frm d house n she don’t hv any tp

    • Gift,according to the story she said she had her tp but the guy took it from her bag while she was asleep.

    • Uluocha Gift says:

      Ahahahahah dis serious D guy na tiff join ooooh

    • Gift walahi that guy is a nice guy I’m telling u,forget the fact that he took her money(which I think she was lying anyways),think of all the terrible things he could have done to her and he could have gone away scored free.

  124. Osagie Osas says:

    Met a guy on facebook. You barely know him yet stayed with him till it was late and then you decided to crash at his place? How do girls of these days do their own thinking? You were not even scared he could gang rape or that he could be a ritualist. And as for the transport money, it only made u look cheap. If you wanted to be principled, you should have gone with your own extra cash. Stop acting cheap and expect someone to treat you expensive.

  125. Be thankful you weren’t killed

  126. Dave Okpekpe says:

    Listen to urseif, when he discovered d tomato was cheap but rotten he refused to pay, Toilet pekin.

  127. I taugh wen he went to d kitchen he was searching for a knife to threaten u or kill u, but it didnt happen my dear be grateful to God all d days of ur life. Cos with such circumstances after rejecting his advances, even if he is not a ritualist, he will kill u and look for a ritualist to come and patronise him wit ur body parts.. So babe next time, dont even take a bath in his place. Once it is morning, brush ur hair, pick up ur bag and run out immediately its 5. Am. U can buy a sarchet water on d way and rinse ur mouth. Cos u also made a mistake by taking ur bath in his house… Hmm fear allow u even remove ur cloth in his house.. Hmm my dear u no try….

  128. Goat what were u expecting.u be father Christmas.

  129. What are you doing before it was late for u to home and u went to his place to watch telemundo? The is even nice ur sorry is Important

  130. What happen to good manners, what went wrong during people upbringing, have we forgotten the quote love ur neighbours as ur self why are people misbehaving and we think it is right, even the society has lost its good moral status. So a lady can’t have a good date and sleep over again or a good conversation dat make her lost track wit time and ended up @ d man house, if dat happen it means she wants sex or the goat can’t control himself? Hmmmmm

    • Shebi I don tell you say I likeyou,no mind all these idiot guys.God go judge them

    • Peter Ejiga says:

      “Idiot guy” plus including……. Well noted.

    • Flee away from temptation

    • Dude Ur words are contradicting….
      U said “what happened to good manners, what went wrong during people’s upbringing? What kinda upbringing says a girl should go out without holding any cash on her? She decided to sleep over because she had no money on her cause she for Don go if she get money!
      She gave the guy bad impression about herself…
      This is her own side of the sorry, I wish the guy can come out boldly And share his own too.

    • Mr know it all ave u heard from the guy? I wrote my comment base on wat she said and where u d guy or his brother to know if she did not have money on her and meanwhile she said the guy stole her money let us now assume if all she said was a lie must the dude behave like e-goat dat is on heat period and yes wat happen to manners and upbringing if not must u have sex with a lady even if she present her self vulnerable wat happen to self control? Well I don’t argue wit people like u wit myopic view come to d civilize country and say dis rubbish or wit d mindset dat if she sleep over in first date she want sex if u won’t spend d rest of ur life in jail. Here way be say u no torch self dey will say u assult dem and before u know am u done face trial even rich and famous guys act carefully na d stupid foolish uncivilized poverty mentality way dey ur brain and other idiots dat like to take advantage of ladies make u write dis stupid comment by ur fruit we know people like u. Let us assume d all d girl story na lie must u sleep have sex because she sleep over on first date u be dog? For here if lady won sleep over and she no be ur babe na u go say no if she offer u self and u never sure u go say no because for morning story go change na people like u dem dey take make money here phewwwwww rubbbis

  131. You haven’t heard of “vex money”? Vex money is kept aside for transport, when you can’t accommodate rubbish. You slept over, what do you expect?? Can a goat be gentle with a peel of yam before it? Gentle man ko?

  132. Some girls are too foolish, u don’t go t a guys house on a ist date, u don’t depend on a guy u barely know 4 money, what sort of foolishness is this, what were u xpecting b4 u matched it legs to his house, the guy was a weird fake nigga anyway but she was so so foolish

  133. This one no story abeg! Give us better story to read…

  134. If to say I can be able to meet u in person, honestly you deserve a costumize slap from me for been so foolish at your age.

  135. Flimsy excuses, that u dash into the opposite sex house @ 9te n expect him to watch u like telemundo or football match. Abeg make i hear; when a gal is separately frustrated for s3x, she can climb kilimanjaro mountain just to quench the fire in her waist. Next time dont air out this again o

  136. Oghene Kome says:

    Go do thanksgiving for TB Joshua church,next Sunday or else you fit jam unsmiling guy again..thank god for your life
    But incase try to hold transport money you hear

  137. We ladies no get shame, a man who loves you will make sure you get home on time on the 1st date. And ladies honestly some of us needs to stop disgracing ourselves

  138. This your story is so annoy please don’t post this rubbish thing here again that’s why some people is here insulting themselves because of you useless girl together with useless post mtceeeeeeew.

  139. Faith Nwafor says:

    Thank God for ur life

  140. Thank God u came back alive

  141. Baski Baski says:

    Na crase dey worry u dis gal, u sabi lie wella, d guy don spend enof moni on u n yet, hmmm na wa,

  142. Can’t stop laffn, vex money is very important ooo, but shey Now make ladies dey carry their purse go bathroom wen we wan baff make dem no thief our vex money? This is so hilarious

  143. Nonsense u left ur huz without vex money?

  144. How could you come to someone house,slept,he asked for sex or blow job and you turned his request down?
    Did you think you were with gay?
    I am sorry for all these stupid boys that are upholding the girl,they have forgotten that blood flow in their veins. .
    When you’re with a girl on the same bed,your body will be hotter than fire.When someone’s body is on fire and water is close to you, will you say no and refuse to use it to quench the fire?
    Lemme tell you guys all of you supporting the stupid girl that declined to feed the boy are gay….
    I must say the truth…stupid pretence guys…